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Natural Consensus versus Complicity


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You Are How You Vibrate ~ Assimilation through Resonance Part 1

Master your senses, what you taste and smell, what you see, what you hear. In all things be a master of what you do and say and think. Be free. Are you quiet? Quieten your body. Quieten your mind. By … Continue reading

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Awareness into Authenticity

Wake Up to Who You Are Continue reading

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Mending the Cracked Womb Into Fullness, Sensuality & Creativity

All women are beautiful, there is no woman that is not, whether she argues with her mirror image is irrelevant…the fact remains that all women are beautiful. There is only a slight shift in perception between what we see as … Continue reading

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My Experience with Diamond Girl

Allying with Nature Part 2 I know my dog Diamond has consciousness. She has a real personality and tells me what she wants in many ways by her body language and in her various tones of barking and whining intonations. … Continue reading

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Time-Critical Mission

Don’t resent the work. It gives you the strength to stand whole and silent before the vast Mystery ~Unknown Many of us feel a time-critical mission – an impulse that is guiding us to re-discover an age-old deception of a … Continue reading

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Way Station … A Soul Teaching

Alisa Battaglia’s teaching via Dream state for re-entry into a new incarnational experience and Soul Group Signatures “I arrive into a huge Way Station. I recall a momentous gathering of specific cyclic opportunity filled with an air of heightened anticipation, … Continue reading

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