The She-Male Revolution – An Imposter Syndrome

The She-Male Revolution
An Imposter Syndrome

By Alisa Battaglia


Freedom of expression is elemental for all sentient life from the kingdoms of nature to that of the human domain endowed through Creation. It is what human incarnation is about, the natural spontaneous outpouring of the Souls urge in its desire to experience the breadth of life’s glory in the gender body of its manifestation. As beneficiaries of Divine origin and nature, self-direction and the potential for individuation is the birthright of every human. It is the Sacred Trust held by each to administer the direction of Divine Life Itself with the rest of the human species by harmonizing and uplifting existence towards advancing evolution.

 Sacred Trust, however has been in violation by occult scientists from time immemorial whose superior acquaintance of the laws at the causal level endeavor to control conditions by subjugating the life impulse to return to a phase of evolution below that already attained. This subverts the true development of the spiritual nature from greater refinement causing it to devolve by “directed evolution.” Devolution is the misuse of life force against an evolving humanity and no matter where on the ladder of evolutionary development is cause of grave suffering, disease, pain, loneliness, confusion and separation from the lifeline in union with the whole of creation.

 Creation produces new life and is thus, sexual in nature. Call it cosmic sexuality or the Generative Principle, it is the law of creating new forms that functions in polarity and for this subject, is the physical phenomena known as the sex form. This is the biological male and female and in union creates a third energy (infant). While this is simplistic, it is essential to understand the impulse behind the generation of life otherwise the overt attempts to override and disintegrate the fundament of life force remains undetected. The age is upon us and people are waking up to the occult agendas and ideologies that shape society through cultural movements and revolutions that guide humanity into a particular direction to ascertain an end goal. Keep in mind that the intent of the Black Magician is to quash potentiation by dumbing down humanity below previous levels of attainment and to wipe out higher knowledge into amnesia and always to benefit any special section of manifestation or positionalities at the expense of the rest.

 Follow me down the rabbit hole!!!

An Imposter Syndrome

The social injustice towards women is biblical! For centuries, we have been undervalued. We are taught that the Patriarchy has sought to defile the feminine, to separate her from herself, her man, her family, Nature, and conform within the greater socio-economic and political world. We are told that the dominant Patriarchal paradigm that I coin the “Patrix” (the patriarchal matrix of social directive overlays that shapes a desired outcome for gain of power and politick) defined and reinforced women’s experience of separation from the 19th century onward was to blame for her misery, her victimization, her denigrated plight in the world. Perceived as chattel, the lesser sex was helpless and needed male guidance through his laws and ascribed gender roles for her life direction by male approval. This power dynamic between men and women continues to be a wrestle especially in non-western nations where men strive to control women and deprive them of their liberty as women continue to grapple for autonomy.

 Extremes of this nature are a violation of the Anima Mundi and require a balancing effort towards a harmonic growth inspired interchange between masculine and feminine spiritual forces. The shift from just “being” to “doing” is the difference between feminine energy that is quiescent, receptive, feeling and experiencing to masculine energy that is projective, solving, thinking, and acting. In WW II, it played out as women showed her muscle in uniform and gained a sense of inner accomplishment and independence beyond the family unit. Wartime economy created job opportunities that had traditionally belonged to men in heavy industry and wartime production plants.When the war was over and won by her efforts, she was hard-pressed to step back into the box that preceded her finding her wings. Women were no longer just housewives and mothers. You’ve come a long way baby!

Then the 1960’s sexual revolution appeared as the banner for feminine emancipation from bondage and free sex was with whom and as often as she pleased. She demanded pleasure and no laying back for a “wham bam thank you ma’am” or faking an orgasm to build his bravado! The 1970’s burned the bra and unleashed her passions and she expressed her new invincibility. “I am woman, hear me roar,” she said and radical feminism in masculine mode began to take shape at the political level for intervention to generate change that challenged the nuclear family and its values.

Often with new powers, the pendulum moves through extremes before a modicum of balance is achieved within an individual and at a social level or it just continues to arc into a free fall destroying everything that preceded it for rearrangement. The natural response to that arcing produced a new momentum as she divested her natural feminine strengths for male goals rather than discovering her own and fulfilling them with her own virtue. Out of balance, this newfound freedom and self-sufficiency unraveled the family stronghold. Men and women were no longer helpmates to one another, but rather they relegated the sanctity of the family unit to educators. The long hours of labor of both parents changed the intimate family meals to processed fast food dinners and take-out. As the familial disconnect widened, the knit of the family unit altered even more as children came home to an empty house. Partners estranged to one another separated and “divorce” became the new buzzword. At a social reorganization level, the new social mores produced the desired effect, a niche for single parenting consumerism and the state as brokers of the family unit. The social directives were successful in creating two consumers from a nuclear family to a new market catering to divorced individuals.

With each successive generation of women, the pursuit of male goals increased. As a product of the 1980’s, I experienced the feminine pursuit of male goals through fashion magazines and psychology journals to dress like “him” as if his natural confidence would rub off in the work place of gender inequality and lend voice to the unequal pay for the same role. Predictive programming for something to come always starts in media. For instance, in vogue were the thick eyebrows, wearing suspenders with men’s style work shirts, 3-piece suits and blazers with padded shoulders to mimic the shoulder strength of a man and a woman’s new position of power vying on the corporate ladder. For her long cry of the Patriarchy governing her life, she distinctly took on the masculine persona and divested her feminine qualities to be like him, the gender she chided and whose clutches she sought to escape. We now see the longer repercussions of gender energy imbalance play out in each generation producing great loneliness, single parenting, dysfunctional, unguided children of disconnected parents supported by social marketing campaigns and governmental programs in perpetuity creating a new sectionality of dependents and consumers. What happened to feminine self-empowerment and “pull yourself up from your boot strap” self-sufficiency? Instead, the pursuit of male goals in this era promulgated the “gender war” and “latch key” children. Kick-start the 1990’s where half of the labor force was female, single parenting nearly doubled in 2 decades, living alone doubled and homes maintained by women without a husband nearly tripled in the same time. She was exhausted going it alone and began to feel the strain upon her psyche. Women were caught between a rock and a hard place of social narratives. Her natural inclination was to find a partner, but the feminine life had undergone a revolution, while men were essentially unchanged. Nevertheless, her expectations of how men should respond and behave changed, but this only created greater relational tension. The masculine energy man did not want a romantic relationship with another masculine energy person. To him being with a masculine energy female felt like being with a man dressed up as a lovely woman – a pal in the friend zone.

Self-help books were highly popular to bridge the gender gap. Topics abound on how to improve communication and get what she wanted in relationships. “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” was a bestseller. Others on how toentrap a man into marriage were super hits. In fact, my best girlfriend at the time bought audios sets and read books about manipulating men on “How to get to I do.” I always urged her towards authenticity, but she learned how to act the part of what she thought men wanted in her, never being wholly herself or in overdrive stuck in masculine energy. Relationships never lasted long because she was unable to shift from the “doing” in the outer world, workplace and activities to just “being” with a man. Instead, she was learning how to manipulate him. Is it no wonder that mistrust between the sexes persist?

It is true to say that old habits die hard. My life during this era, the theme was self-evident. Men resisted change from the natural order. Perhaps this was a virtue, a silver lining of his stronghold in the management of the life seed. In response to the changing roles of women, his resistance bore a mental force that cut out his feeling function and he relegated females as sexual objects for acquisition. Was the social messaging now to market the feminine as sex objects weaponizing her sexuality? Sex sells especially on billboards and glossy magazine covers. It creates the illusion that the attention of a sexy bombshell can fill the gap of love and desire. Women took on the role. “Suffer for beauty” was the mantram as plastic surgery became ever more popular to gain his attention.  Displaced from reality, was she to struggle the burden of a lonely path or lure him in using her sexuality and marry for money or advantage? This era of mixed messages of freedom and independence to securing a man in marriage to take care of her was confusing and counter intuitive to inner sensibilities of the hard-won victories of the feminist movement.

Observing the miasma and rather than pretend to be a personality I was not, I did something different to preserve my autonomy. I watched men closely and learned. Then I objectified him. I stepped into my masculine principle energy and became the pursuer, rather than the pursued. This way my heart was protected from being used and discarded as the male egotist sharply opposed any heightened feminine expectation. So, as a beautiful young athletic woman in the decades to come, I followed the evolving social narrative of trying on men for size and championing my progressiveness with a conquest mindset. Misusing my sexual energies inevitably left a vacuous hole in my Soul. If I played the game of pretending and followed the “gold digger” instructions, I might be looking down from a castle, however chasing money was never my calling and a true heart and substance wins my graces. On both accounts, I was misguided. In spiritual crisis from mimicking the active masculine principle that took me away from my innate yin or feminine principle, it was either take off the body armor of my social conditioning and discover my innate feminine strengths or play the game at a great cost to my “Essential Self” waiting to be born again. Great anguish comes from the bifurcation of how society shapes a woman and how she is to “be seen in the world according to a governing narrative” – as an object against the pull of “being seen in her authenticity.”  This would prove to be my greatest struggle! I eventually learned that although I live in an image-oriented society – my worth is far greater than my looks. I pay that wisdom forward!

In my 30’s, I finally laid bare my soul and began the painful journey of unmasking to finally meet my Essential Self, the authentic feminine spiritual nature that would heal and change my life forever. A great fortitude comes from healing and accepting a growing inner feminine strength and the lesser attributes for the long haul of an evolving life plan. Feminine strength is an attribute all her own. She needs never to divest her feminine power for the masculine pursuit, as feminine strength is the complimentary co-equal to his masculine power expressed with her own innate quality. It is a natural power sharing arrangement from which this instinctive relationship flowers. If women today understood how co-creation works between the genders, they would ally as a great tour de force! This is the allied power necessary to build a better world and sustain it. 

Fast forward to 2022, twenty-five years later with integrated wisdom, I note a loss of cohesion and sexual integration with each successive generation, a self-fragmentation, lack of quality of relationship with life, greater superficiality, poor health, depression, and general devolution that is rather disturbing. The men of my generation labeled Gen X, have hardened with the scars of divorce and financial loss. They still struggle and hope to trust and find love again, while others clearly do not know what women want and cannot calculate the changing moods brought on by today’s fashion magazines and memes of a younger generation that so many women and men follow for fear of aging. Rather than age gracefully, mature women dress like young girls, Botox and fill their faces with toxins for eternal youth and men primp and are under more pressure to care about their appearance than they were 10 years ago! Instead of sharing love, men and women are sharing beauty accessories.

As each generation loses a part of their natural self and deviates further from the previous norms with a lock step approach with the governing narrative, dots start to connect and a picture starts to form. I watch the Millennial Generation or Gen Y take part as activists for good and worse, become social media experts and influencers, create videos, and star in the latest reality shows dictating the lives of today’s youth.  How they should look, present and be attractive to the opposite or same sex and every derivative thereof.  Yet, the feminine still has no idea who she is and continually conforms to the dictates of society in order to be liked, loved, and accepted. Anything to give the “Karen’s’ of the world self-importance to a very shrunken Soul. Gen Y Men follow suit, but acquiesce his masculine power to be lead around on a leash by a Mrs. Karen or power structure in excessive dominance. Some may find that kink enjoyable, but the innate masculine powers within find no natural outlet of expression. He is stunted, psychologically castrated, and limp, unsure of his directive and potentate power as she wears his penis.  

The outcome of the Millennial’s inversive parenting is catastrophic. Their arrested development of self worth translates into how they coddle their Gen Z progeny. With their helicopter parenting, they assure their children’s emotions are continually validated even though their minds misconstrue feelings for objective truth and regardless of effort, teach them to feel entitled for reward. This does not support the future generation to examine beliefs, challenge opposing views, and gain perspective for a thicker skin, for self-cohesion. I wonder how such parenting supports their evolution into productive, thinking, and discerning adults?

Generation Z could be the last in succession as this generation has inherited a set of problems that are worrisome for the future of humanity. They lack “rites of passage” that brings understanding of how to manage and balance inner masculine and feminine energies in their gender body. They are the followers rather than the leaders of our world. With early sexualization in education confusing biological gender for an invented gender ideology, a lack of self-esteem and solid self-identity, the retreat to safe spaces for anxiety, diminished faculties of critical thinking and groupthink bias, not to mention legend superficiality vying for the most clicks has fostered a generation of false identities rendered by the outer world of acceptance. “Who Am I?” is a good question to ask.

A pied piper is leading today’s youth to self-abnegate and to fear everything. This changes the psychological landscape into a derangement syndrome that sterilizes them physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Children/humans do not evolve through physical modification; they emotionally evolve in the exploration of predictable interactions in the most consistent relationships and eventually life experiences. Social media has become that most consistent relationship leading youth into a “gender of religion” that implants ideas more often not born of their own. There is an emotional hijacking of the normal hormonal pressures of a growing body with their insecurities of “becoming” and induction into an afflictive narrative of the self. These unfortunate lives are the fodder of an anti-life social experiment void of generative function and future progeny.

As synchronized chaos unfolds in cities across the nation with new diktats imposed upon the populace by the current administration are major changes in society’s structure and values. The social climate is highly flammable and imbalanced. Simply discussing the gender narrative and related topics are taboo and subject to cancel culture, demonetization and soon a negative social credit score, but we need to have this conversation. While I accept all people for who they are and whom they think they are, I also acknowledge that biological gender and the psychological ever-changing self-perception of how one chooses to be seen and move through the world, is a psychological orientation and a social construct rather than the reality of chromosomes. To be male or female is embedded in the human body to the DNA level and changing sex cannot just scientifically happen. Chemical and sexual modification does not change mental and emotional issues that are at war with body image. Yet, the new gender of religion is attempting to force shift the collective mind to worship and recognize mentally ill persons pretending to be a gender they cannot become. Something is very wrong!!! The assault of the ages is once again upon children and women, and now masculine men, but in a most depraved way.

To accept the promotion of perverted pleasures and the industrialized slaughter of infants and youth violates spiritual conscience. To support the murder of infants in full term birth and the selling of their body parts for major profit and the mutilation of children’s minds and bodies in landmark events and parades is to celebrate the psychosocial engineering of a death-urge agenda. So, when good men and women of conscience take a stand, and parents and businesses are sued, punished and forced to pay for the murder and maiming of children because they align with the natural order of life, I take notice! When individual companies push people for threat to loss of livelihood to subscribe to their dogma, I take notice! When the complicit are enriched in the myriad ways to foster the belief of a social construct, I take notice! When toddlers and youth whose physical and emotional bodies yet developed are targeted and natural biological processes halted for ongoing life destructive chemical therapies, I take notice! When media groups and educators confuse the youth so deeply that they cut themselves and take their lives, I take notice! When people are inducted to accept perversion and mental illness as part of their psychology, I take notice! When there is mutual agreement with gay sisters and brothers, family and friends that a malignant sexual thirst being thrust into the public domain to intimidate and bully into default acceptance the Governments promotion of mental and spiritual illness of pedophilia and self-mutilation, Itake notice! When there is a systematic deviation in each generation from the organic course of human evolution into an increasing artificial existence and devolutionary value system, I take notice!

From my vantage point, the overlays of previous social constructs emerge into a politically “guided” new wave social movement “using” trans people to reach an end that I call the “She-Male Revolution.”  This manufactured movement is a guise that has co-opted women’s rights and civil liberties, implanted the gay movement, and has moved its banner under a singular umbrella with its own “gender of religion.” Its ideology is a usurpation of the feminine principle as a cover to implement an unnatural anti-life and anti-feminine social directive. Its tenticular (or testicular) reach has impregnated the veins of culture with its perversion at the political level to annihilate the nuclear family and virtues of parenting for scientism, statism, and depopulation. It seeks to undermine parents and destroy their children, and subvert the natural woman into less than. It has turned virtue into vice and vice into virtue! From vile to profane, anything and all things are permissible without exception.

Women have legally been erased by law. Today, the biological female is forced to share toilets with biological males and must embrace being raped by predators that identify as a She.  As it continues, she is to accept him as her sister, herald him in beauty pageants, adopt him in women’s sports competitions, and celebrate him when his brawn wins over hers. She is told to surrender her divine feminine attributes to males who want to be like “her.” To accept a false narrative that men menstruate and via the inclusionary principle of equity make tampons available in men’s bathrooms, that they, too can menstruate, carry babies and breastfeed. She is to bend to knee to herald his new “girlhood” conversion. Then she is to stay quiet, when autogynephilic and gender dysmorphic males claim that he has always felt like a female without being born a girl and experiencing all her stages and rites of passage into womanhood. I wonder how a biological male can ever know what it feels like being a female since he has never been a female or will ever be even with chemical hormones and gender reassignment surgery? A male will never know or experience female puberty and menarche, its pains and messy bleeds, her first kiss and flush of wetness, her first love, a throbbing clit and G-spot orgasms, pregnancy tests and pap smears to test for cervical cancer. Making love and fusing her feminine gender energies with her masculine male counterpart to co-create a baby, growing a human inside her body and giving birth or losing a pregnancy. Nor will he know her layers of emotional depth, intuition, quiescence, high mind and the continued nurturance and care in her bond to life that is basic in the complexity of the biological feminine nature. The substance and emotional depth of a woman is not the placement of new organs, wearing garish make up and fanged fingernails, superficial and prancing around in pretty clothes. She is deep, substantial, the giver and bearer of ALL life whose legs he must pass though. This mockery of men asserting womanhood has stolen the rights of women, both heterosexual and lesbians, overridden with beliefs presented as fact.

This insidious movement of the pied piper is out front, line, and center parading in public view whose culmination of forces seek to render the natural order between biological men and women obsolete. It is a war against biological women, the birthers of life. This new religion is also a war against the masculine energy man – to degrade his eros with psychological and chemical castration. To change the he into a She is mere hatred for the masculine seed! Reaching a new height of hypocrisy, the She-Male has taken over the definition of biological women and relegated her to something other – legally erasing women as a category of people both “mother and sister” from vocabulary while artificial wombs abduct the divine feminine status as bearer of life. This outright usurpation is against the generators of the life seed!

As the feminist woman is happy to announce that the dominant Patriarchal paradigm is breaking down, the natural woman is systematically being replaced and rendered obsolete by men who claim to be her in persona only. Is she to forfeit her feminine co-creative potential for an aberrant representation of her? The Sisterhood has sold herself out to an imposter!  While, the goal of feminism was complete, while yet not fully integrated, she missed the mark of her liberation. She involved the engagement of others agendas within women’s organizations, which has succeeded in distracting the feminine from the task of a deeper level of self-empowerment and control over her life and the immersion into greater spiritual realities. To really know herself.

Those who profiteer from this new gender of religion are promoting something far deeper than what presents on the surface as equity. Instead, there underlies a deep psychopathy that seeks to co-opt life itself into an artificial existence – a corrupted piece meal experience that is factionary and antithetical to an organic living timeline of a spiritually evolving humanity. It is the overt annihilation of a sexually dimorphic species in the blending of the biological he and she into an intersexual, She-Male, “designed” for the synthetic singularity of the transhumanist agenda!


Banner pic is from the Artist Doris Lang called “Distortions”


Part 2 of Understanding Energetic Boundaries for an Empowered Feminine Life Series
By Alisa Battaglia

As a Soul incarnated in a female gender body creating in matter, I have learned a great deal about how to recognize patterns and manipulate energy internally and externally. While, energy is neutral it is employed for all sorts of uses. In the context of relationship, life lessons point out the spiritual masculine and feminine energetic imbalances, how they are initiated through a lineage of wound patterns and that when healed, the energies balance within the gender body. This conscious wielding of force allows for greater control over life and even brings enjoyment to the chrysalis process of “sheathing the layers of inauthenticity” revealing a new “path of heart.”

As a natural female, probably like you, I have misused my inner masculine and feminine energies well from both ignorance, confusion and pain born from familial and social conditioning coupled with the ingrained energetic imprinting from those before me.  Committed to my process, I continue to make the necessary adjustments through awareness and healing to properly wield those forces in general harmony within myself. As a whole, today, I am conscious of when I need to act, investigate further, when to let things alone, to see and feel deeper, and when my response is emanating from a yet unrecognized insecurity or unhealed wound and most importantly, when my Soul is vying for my attention. While I am not perfect and sometimes fall into mental trappings, there is always a little urging that points to where I need to rearrange my energy inflow and outflow. In whatever way life shows me, managing spiritual gender energies is a balancing act inasmuch that loving myself more reveals to be the antidote to all that ails inside me and in the world. Learning to know and love myself more through “polarity integration” has been a gradual process gifting me with continued transformational healing and wisdom whose gnosis I pay forward. It is truly an art with a process and a blessing.

While esoteric traditions discuss male and female spiritual energies, ascribe their general function and use nebulous iconography, they fail to touch upon the main vector – the “feeling heart of awareness,” and the transgenerational component of its energetic imprinting on the pain body.  Imprints shape current circumstances and produce the unconscious energetic feedback loops or self-defeating scenarios and poor health themes that continues to repeat via the family pattern. If the energy pattern is untangled and rightly understood, the bondage of the energetic misuse held in psyche and soma from general unawareness imbued as a habit pattern can be broken.  If all energies are concentrated in the moment and there is a will to navigate the grit no matter how annoying or unsavory, to poke into the “why” of the energy imbalance, awareness is gained and fresh opportunities begin to present, gifts unseal, and new desires brew into life.

It is true to say that familial environment teaches gender role characteristics, how to behave within the family model growing up, maybe with siblings, animals, or through school and work, with peers and in relationships, but there lacks any notion of the energetic component of masculine and feminine energy. What is often observed, however is “ignorance in motion.” For instance, many well intended parents attempt to use their children to foster their unrequited dreams discouraging their children’s own life direction with consequences of confusion and depression. This means that the parent is attempting to create through a body other than their own. They likely learned to push their will onto others from their parents whose parents in turn pushed their will onto them. This long line can be envisaged as a braid weaving in the same trauma, imposed wills and so on with each successive generation. This general familial overlay can shroud or enhance innate attributes shaping life towards a desired mean. In the end it can be asked, “Who Am I?”

There are so many ways, a story in a life unfolds and where energetic imbalances play out. Following are general examples of how masculine and feminine energies are used to control others and the environment. I am sure you know a few people and maybe it’s you. When I call someone “a piece of work,” I am observing a manipulation dance in action that can be amusing from the outside looking in because I see their game. For instance, aggression with intellect is often used as a weapon. People will use words to make them appear smarter than you so that you submit to their greater intelligence and thus, will. Bullying to get what is wanted. Pushing people to extremes rattles the nervous system so you end up caving in giving them their way. Using sex as a weapon and emotions such as hate and jealousy to manipulate to get what you want. Aggression to keep people at bay and when that doesn’t work switching to self-sympathy and victimhood to regain control. All the world is a stage for religions, education, governments, politics and people to use these modes of power imbalances to their advantage. Manipulation for some is wholly unconscious while for others, it is pure entertainment and weaponized.

Some themes of the times are when young adults fear the world and team up in a marriage for security only to be roommates or claim asexuality. They take respite in the other of not having “to do” or initiate. Two people with problems initiating in the energetic masculine produces inertia. Both gender energies are lopsided in that the inner feminine component predominates in the receiver mode. With the inability for either to step into their own masculine power, the doing mode, it produces a kind of victim in that there is protraction from having to initiate, kind of like two jellyfish floating nowhere. While the husband represents the masculine energy she seeks within herself and could learn from him how to balance out her energy, he however is impotent in that he is functioning in the quiescent feminine mode as his dominant field. While this is general, it does point out to trauma in the masculine with the inability to assert power. Decapitating the “will to do” translates in young men as effeminization such as when he moves in with his girlfriend, rather than finding his own space and taking charge of his life. Instead, the girlfriend takes care of him like mom. Coddling does not help initiate him into his inner masculine energy, but rather paralyzes him instead. This lack of inner power has the same effect upon the feminine. Essentially this type of wound pattern is learned. It often occurs when a household is run by an over dominant masculinized male that makes decisions for the whole family without regard to their own life desires and then belittles them when they attempt their own dreams and asserts their independence.  He quashes their ability “to do” and the inner masculine remains energetically quiescent. Alternately, when parents’ divorce and the father is not present to emulate strong masculine energy in the family unit and when the mother takes on the energetic masculine role eliciting family submission to her will. When there is a seizing of another’s personal power, there is a misuse of spiritual energy that negates individual free will at the core that arrests inner development and self-sovereignty of the individual. Familial lineage carried through the ages in tradition for honor, position, power, holder of gifts or simply because parents, their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, or tribe and so on did something a certain way, has a powerful energetic hold within the body and psyche and in the development of inner masculine and feminine energies. If there is no gift in the family lineage, but trauma carried through the age, it wastes energy for this life.

“Matter is merely a result of vibration and really consists of the memory of the old carried onward into the new, the legacy bequeathed by the old and is an inheritance to the new.” (Science and Key of Life, Vol 6 of 7; pg. 38; Alvidas; Astro Pub Co, 1902).”

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another. This means that a system always has the same amount of energy, unless it’s added from the outside.” Adding energy from the outside is about energy cultivation as in garnering life force energy to build the inner light quotient for more spiritual power, protection and immunity such as the ancient practices of Qi Gong or Tai Chi, breathwork, sexual cultivation practices, creativity, laughter, and love that notably heals inner obstructions to free contractions and opens space for more love energy inside, thus expanding body consciousness. Grasping the principle that energy is never created nor destroyed and simply finds another form to express through, in this case a human body, with its lineage of imprints often wholly unaware, binds and entangles the self even if at the end there is a silver lining. Trapped in unconscious weaving always produces smallness with a greater yearning of unfoldment. Perhaps it is the want to feel wind under wing yet unfurled, but clipped and manicured existing in a gilded cage or the vice of familial and social oppression. No matter the source, the longing is the same. A major urging of the heart to break free and expand into greater effulgence. This requires great courage and I ask for it every day.

Courage is necessary to face certain truths about the self, family, and humanity. To face the raw fact that everyone is a phony defending their positionalities as truth with no real idea of the inner essence that lay dormant within. Great patience and perseverance are required to know self. Observe and question everything! Peeling the layers of inauthenticity is a noble act that also gives others permission to be real, raw and vulnerable so that the innerdiamond at the heart eventually refracts outwardly its clarity and luminosity. Know Thyself First be True is the only way to start shifting inner patterns that play out energetically! With awareness, masculine and feminine spiritual energies when utilized consciously can create any atmosphere desired. To change patterns, there requires the notion of how energies are used and then to make a decision how personal change is to look. I did it and so can you! I learned to balance my spiritual inner masculine and feminine energies to unearth the gifts of this life rather than operate from my childhood and adult wounds and bury them.

Transgenerational energy stamps are imbued within current habits and patterns whose dynamics are both felt and observed in the ways that life plays out for good or worse. For worse, they hook stealing life potential.  These energy stamps reflect through relationships, health conditions, and even maintain certain obsessions whose trail can lead to certain inner gifts. While the negative patterns are all too familiar within families, it is important to take notice of certain gifts that are held in lineage often unacknowledged and unmanifest. If there are strange inner urgings that are followed, but feel cock blocked at every turn, more than likely there are certain inner challenges to be overcome and requisites required before receiving the silver lining of a situation. Gifts are not only cultivated from previous soul cycles, they are held in family lineage offering hints along the way until there is full readiness to receive them and step into power to use them.

For example, examination of my current incarnation, documents show that I was born in Paris, France into a Sicilian family 3rd generation American on the paternal side and 5th generation of the matriarchal lineage of my mother. My mother’s father was Swedish and Norwegian making me a second generation American in that line. What I do know from both sides is that there is strength in my matriarchal lineage on both sides. My grandmothers and great grandmothers all live to or close to 100 having overcome severe hardships. All the men died early. I know little about their lives in Italy or my grandfather’s life in Scandinavia, but there are certain nuances and remembrances out of nowhere that parallel my current life theme, inklings and feelings of déjà vu that sit on the side lines without reference to the day’s reality. Strong pulls and reactions to situations, teachings of old, the faces of unknown people, fore vision that seem almost out of context to current experiences and then the gifts taken for granted that are more often ignored or deemed a flight of fancy, all require attention.  Contained within patterns are energetic messages like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly joining the strands of consciousness together. It is of great importance to heed them!

For instance, I energetically resonate with my Scandinavian side while I have no information of that lineage since my grandfather was not present in my mother’s life for too long.  Feelings of untapped power, ancient whispers of the old ways have always resided within seeking to get my attention through visions, mental impressions, and dream vignettes that contain energetic message bubbles that I receive during the special twilight hour. As an observer in dream space, sometimes I need to be shown things in order to fully grasp a personal issue that is causing a power imbalance because of another’s manipulation. In this case it was about the chronic emotional drama created by my mother’s anger mismanagement from her inability to cope that she projected onto me, holding me back in her judgment, for a very long time.

This specific dream vignette was like watching a silent movie. It was enigmatically visual as I watched my mother enter my bedroom and beeline straight into the bathroom to stand in front of the mirror. As I looked into the mirror standing behind her, all I saw were her Italian hands flailing everywhere around her head in what looked like inner rage and confusion. She turned to face me and I felt her suppressed power. I think I hugged her. Then I stepped back and walked to the side of my king-size bed to look at a very beautiful tall pale skinned woman with long red hair and green eyes sleeping on her side. I admired her so and wondered why she was laying there. Then I heard a strong voice say, “She is you” and that “I have to wake up” from my unconscious slumber to step into my power.  That was decades ago and with much learning along the way I am still stepping in my power.

This sleeping beauty proved to be the Nordic seeress and shaman within me whose gift and wisdom blesses me with visions and intuition pulsing through from my veins from a once forgotten lineage. I have yet to see her again, but it is clear to me that the ghost in my genes offered gifts to heal the embedded emotional drama of family life and provided me with essential tools to navigate the future-now. This experience began my journey of creating energetic emotional boundaries that made me very unpopular in my family because asserting boundaries breaks the negative feedback loop that others feed upon in the volleying of their pain back and forth. Few enjoy the push to change, but as my light quotient expanded those around me in time began to shift and evolve through energetic entrainment.  While it is like holding someone’s hand in order to help them keep apace, it is still an unconscious process on their end with still much work for them to do. I began to heal my family circle by cutting the cords that bound us and staying true to my spiritual course. I always live by example and eventually it catches on. You can, too!

In Lighted Companionship,

I currently offer Wise Woman Counsel, myriad energy wellness techniques for healing and Regenerative Detoxification. As I build my channel, please stay tuned as I navigate how to do video interviews, add self-healing manuals, books and create Master Classes.  Please comment and share. To book an appointment please send me a message..


Understanding Energetic Boundaries for an Empowered Feminine Life Series Energetic Boundaries in Relationships – Part 1

What does every female learn about boundaries growing up?  There aren’t any! At least for most, perhaps aside from the warnings, “don’t talk to strangers or get into a car with anyone you don’t know.” And yet, the young fem is taught to extend herself from her safe inner sanctum in order to please others. She is told to play with those she does not like to just keep the peace. She is sexualized early before she recognizes that her appearance is significant to others and told to act like a lady, dress like a lady, speak like a lady, stay quiet and don’t give opinion. She is told that it’s her fault when a man fails to take self-responsibility for his sexual behavior and to let it go. Must’ve been too short or shown too much skin! She is guilted into doing things that are not of her own volition because they would affect others and that would be bad. She is taught to cede control without compromise even to those who don’t respect her. Silly Girl! Silly because she has failed to even discover where her boundaries actually start and where they end and the cycle repeats living life in accordance to the boundaries of others. As if on a sliding scale she adjusts her boundaries and life according to his, stretching and contracting. Is it no wonder that a women’s default defense in the negative is to cajole and manipulate to get her way so she stays within the parameters of others boundaries, rather than express from within her own domain?

Boundaries bear the fruit in every significant relationship and that starts with her. Without them, life is a swim against a current that is a constantly immersive experience of trying to keep a pretty head above water as the tides of emotions call the day. Physical space is necessary for life. That is what boundaries are about. A kind of personal territory to function well. To give space from being too close that causes a stunting of growth or feeling overdrawn from giving too much. No matter, these expressions are dysfunctional in the way to manage personal energy. 

Physical boundaries refer to body sovereignty, privacy, and personal space. In reality, though, there are no boundaries because all is connected at the spiritual level, but at the physical level everyone requires them. There are many types of boundaries and all healthy ones are negotiated around non-negotiable boundaries. This means that healthy boundaries are a reflection of the principles, rules, and guidelines she has set for herself. After all, a woman sets the standard for how she wishes to be treated. A breach arises when she fails to manage her boundaries in ways that honor her entirely and when her significant relationships disrespect, ignore, or is unaware of those principles or personal needs. If she has loose boundaries this always leads to some form of emotional manipulation, whether or not it’s intentional.

Understanding the desire for healthy boundary space differs between men and women and is vital for the allowance of differences, communication and unique expression. One is not better than the other, they simply are different “qualities” that are complimentary or subject for great difficulty when not understood and respected in their output. An awareness of contrast supports the feminine to safeguard her space in a positive, loving and dynamic way while also honoring the boundaries of the masculine. Space between the gender bodies and their spiritual energy fields allows for reciprocal flow with recognition of the unique vibrational qualities of the other. It is a power sharing arrangement!

The quality of energy in the natural female body is higher in vibration and therefore, lighter and faster moving. The feminine has a way of doing things quickly and often is the wonder woman that manages a household, meals and children. Her energy pattern of how she moves through the world is more intuitive, holistic, creative, and integrative. Emotions are her natural domain. She is inclined to rescue others she sees as victimized in her leaning to be more sensitive, warm and attentive to others. She is also more apprehensive which is where she can be more easily manipulated by her counterpart. In contrast, the natural male body is lower in vibration, heavier and slower moving. He is more focused on one thing at a time and multi-tasking is not his domain. His natural tendency is a methodical approach to emotional stability that grounds the feminine. His energy pattern of how he moves through the world is more logical, analytical, and rational. The mind is his natural domain. The masculine energy tends to be more dominant in his approach to life and is more forceful and aggressive in how he gets his way. He has a more difficult time relating to his own feelings and may retreat if he feels threatened by the expression of her feelings in his presence, which is the area where he is most easily manipulated.

These masculine and feminine energy qualities may play out differently, but if not understood they express disfunctionally through the invasion of both physical space and within the spiritual energetic domain. A bodies vibration is disrupted when it is invaded by another’s energy. This always produces disharmony. This disruption in the other body’s vibration gives rise to the general pattern of irritation that creates the energetic tensions between the gender bodies, kind of like feeling a small pebble in a shoe.

Both gender bodies agree that they have difficulty with the other body energy invading their space. For instance, feminine space invaded by a foreign male body energy causes her to feel slow, depressed and grief filled. His heavy energy pulls her down. He invades in his belief that in order for the feminine to survive, he needs to keep her safe. He tells her what to wear, what to do, where to sit and how she shall be seen so he can keep his eye on her. This can freak her out, cause her to rebel and even put herself in danger by his disruption into her energy system. His dominance and control over her body space and spiritual energetics is a huge source of contention that in part spawned the feminist movement in her desire to express and be heard without his invasion into her autonomy. She cannot deal or heal with her partners vibration, but she can deal and heal with her own.

When masculine space is invaded by foreign feminine body energy, he feels frenetic, spacey and perturbed. Her excitation escalates his energy into discomfort. For example, the slower and denser vibration of the male often reinforces the female belief that she needs to quicken his pace by nagging or doing it for him, thus she treats him as a child thereby invading his space and trying to create through his energy system. The slow roll male energy is what many a feminine attest in the dragging of his feet to commitment, the laxness of doing chores, expressing appreciation or lacking erotic imagination in sex. The feminine must be very exacting in how she desires to be fulfilled since the masculine is more logical, analytical, and rational that he requires explicit direction and spoken to in a way that does not raise his ire. Rather than focusing her energy into his energy field or body space, the feminine must stay focused in her own energetic domain and learn how to speak his language so he can hear her.

Masculine and feminine energy behavior constructed from beliefs cause an invasion of the other. Beliefs are often learned behaviors modeled from childhood. This is familiar in the typical parent-child relationship where the parent steals the child’s self-responsibility by trying to solve their problems by telling them what to do, think and be. Invading behavior is trying to make another do what is wanted. Played out in adulthood this may translate as a parent invading the physical and energetic space of the offspring in order to live out their dream. The world is full of stories of setting aside dreams and desires to live out a parent’s aspiration. People are not incarnated to energetically create through another and live out others dreams.

Society teaches to take the focus off of self and to place it on others instead.  To learn how to move energy through her own body and not through his body, she has to let go of beliefs that causes her to do so. This requires self-responsibility for personal behavior and a sustained personal focus of how social patterns play out. He must learn to do the same. She, nor he can heal or get the other to do so other than by cultivating within their own energy system. This points to the futility of attempting to create through the other.

At a broader level, reflecting on social relationships with the emerging global infrastructure it is easy to see how energetic tentacles invade humanities collective physical and energy bodies via dictates of what is put into them, what to believe, what to eat, what to learn, what to say, how to act, and so on. Escalating levels of invasion into personal energetic domains in the attempt to control physical body space produce effects that are highly negative and undesirable. There lacks a consensual power sharing arrangement and will always produce blow back as a natural response to body sovereignty in the sowing of discord and chaos.

The integration of inner masculine and feminine spiritual energies is the only way to grow, heal, create and produce more of what is desired. The Male-female relationship by nature of polaric physical and energetic differences provides an opportune environment to do so. When there is a flow of energy exchange coupled with respect, anything desired can be created.  Whether that is a family, a home, a project, or workspace environment there is always better interaction and more fun when allowing each other personal space and unique vibration to shine through.


The Story of a Pearl

By Alisa Battaglia

Often times relationships are rife with frictions yet understood. A deeper reflection brings to the awareness a spiritual necessity for the friction and the purpose revealed in simplicity. I share this interaction with you in that you may resonate with your own relational relational riffs and how they may be used to benefit your inner evolution.  

“It is clear as to the strength of my personality in helping to catalyze you to the edge of your comfort zone for an inner transformation. To lead you into a healing crisis necessary for initiation onto a higher spiritual pathway. To unconsciously rub the painful scab over wounds you have never healed and continue to run from. You can run, but you cannot hide! Unhealed wounds carry weight and are self-destructive! You are too beautiful a person to linger there. 

Like the oysters you so enjoy, when an irritant enters its shell and gets trapped and unable to flush out, the grit is cultured for a while into a shiny creation. Only about one in 10,000 make a pearl. Note the wisdom of the mollusk. They make pearls against irritants that sneak into its soft tissue and to heal that abrasion they exude layer upon layer of shell material to become exceptionally strong. 

Be like the pearl!”

Alisa Battaglia©2023

For interest in Intuitive Wise Woman Counsel, comment on this article.

Twin Flame

By Alisa Battaglia

I have a secret to share. The twin flame is within you. The inner masculine to the feminine and the inner feminine to the masculine. When there is a merging of the inner male and female aspects of self…love overflows. From self-love that it invites a greater love…another…into the hearts domain. Only when self meets self, the divine union, can the magnetic fusion attract another into your life. Self-love is the foundation and antidote! Start there!


The Mirror

By Alisa Battaglia

When I look into the mirror, I meet my eyes and look deeply into the pools of inner knowing, past the lines of time etched in my skin.

For an instant, I feel the shame of a mystic that recognizes Soul imperfection in comparison with the Universe it penetrates. I speak out in question, “Have I done enough in my incarnated Soul mission?”

Then I watch my face contort and tears streams down my cheeks. Instantly a wise gentle inner voice assuages and says, “I’ve only just begun. Now I have wisdom, life experience born into wisdom.”

The Path of Wisdom earns favor with God.

Those who gain wisdom are compared to a tree firmly planted, that yields fruit in abundance in due season, whose leaves do not wither; whatever they do prospers (Ps. 1:3).



Manifesting Miracles in the I AM Presence

By Alisa Battaglia

I write for all of us in pain on a daily basis whether in heart, mind, body, and Soul.

Each day we are challenged to conform ourselves to the accepted values of a changing world of dysfunction and yet, we are home and live in that dysfunction in our bodies, hearts and mind.

“Remember a day, perhaps long ago or even an instant where your heart was free, your body light and nimble, and your mind without care? Feel that moment. Embrace it, imbue it, for it is always who you are. Now merge that point of reference – the feeling memory – into you now. Feel through your entire being. Appreciate it, feel the Grace.”

In spiritual works, it has been shown and repeated that body follows mind. A succession from mind to heart to body that manifests healing through the “feeling heart of awareness.”  Perhaps doing this merging process with the ailing part of you can overwrite and make you well – to bring upon a healing synthesis wherever that unrequited perfection lingers.  Perchance, to initiate a miracle no matter how large or small.

I share my personal experience.  In my daily asking  before I got out of bed, I queried “God, what do I need to know today?” Instantly a great reverence filled me. Deep appreciation consumed my heart to tears in the awareness of the gift of my life that I uttered this statement. Each time I repeated it with a different tone only to discover a new facet of its breadth. The profundity of this simple statement has continued to change and direct my life.

“Thank you God, for Me, because of You, I AM!”

The” I AM” is the absolute upon which all rests, the foundation of all external circumstances.  I AM  is the spiritual identity of the Christ Mind, the indwelling Lord of Life, Love and Wisdom and the eternality of all that exists within the Divine Mind. The “I AM” in the image of GOD.

“Thank you God, for Me, because of You, I AM!” is my daily mantra for anytime and anyplace I feel alone, unappreciated, confused and in need of guidance. I share its spiritual power with you.

Speak these words in meditation or prayer. Create a space between the words to feel a vibration between them. Feel the layers of each part revealing deeper meaning. Absorb these feelings into your heart and mind. Speak this “I AM” statement aloud in different intonations until you feel a shift in energy.

“Thank you God, for Me.” Feel the appreciation for your gift in life, because of God choosing you. “Because of You, I AM.” In the, I AM, feel the gratitude of Life, the blessing and Grace over you.  When you feel this and are in a heightened state of awareness say the “I AM” mantra three times followed with your desire of any subject:  Health, Love, Abundance, whatever you choose that is of high vibration. Create a mental image and a new self-concept with it.  Do this for 2 to 5 minutes. You will feel when to stop picturing your desires when your energy is overflowing. Do this for 21 days or until you anchor your new state of consciousness as your guiding inner directive.

Feeling Exercise:

Say the “I AM” mantra aloud three times slowly moving into deeper feeling.

“Thank you God, for Me, because of You, I AM!”
“Thank you God, for Me, because of You, I AM!”
“Thank you God, for Me, because of You, I AM!”

I AM, I AM, I AM … I AM receiving an extraordinary event in my life manifesting as a divine intervention. The healing miracles bestowed upon me reshape my heart, mind, body, and Soul to total perfection of my I Am Divine blueprint. I am happy, safe, healthy, and free.

Other Examples of Desire Subjects:

I AM, I AM, I AM … I AM a renown spiritual author and teacher. I help others benefit their lives. I give this service for a wonderful pay. My life is spiritually and financially abundant.  I joyfully attune to my spiritual life mission and receive abundance that sustains all of my needs.

I AM, I AM, I AM … I AM pure love attracting a divine love complimentary counterpart for romantic partnership. I feel attraction and in him everything I need to grow. I am loved, cherished, safe, and respected and we grow together each day. Love is the healing balm that surrounds and fills my life.

I AM, I AM, I AM … I AM healthy and strong. I AM perfect health. God has restored me!
My cells are regenerated. My bones, fascia, organs, lymph, endocrines, blood, and nervous system are in perfect harmony of health and well being. My entire body is healthy and energized, constantly regenerating into my divine wellness blueprint. I function in my highest and best.

I AM, I AM, I AM … I AM in right livelihood enjoying, growing, creating, and excelling in every way. My work is generous, co-operative, honest, and ethical in trade. I collaborate with others creating greater benefit to help serve people in need. I am compassionate Love in action.

May many miracles manifest in your life!

11/03/22  Moon on Juno in Pisces with Scorpio Venus on South Node

On Healing for Courage

Healing occurs at the Soul level, but if identification is with the physical body and its desires, healing is temporary.

Healing always transpires on the subtle level and through the subtle body, that of the Soul. People who have had spontaneous remissions or full relief of chronic pain can attest to full surrender to the greater will of God or higher Self. Playing the “Poor me” victim role expresses upon the plane of which ones level of consciousness resides. Now, take a look around and observe the cry of victims everywhere. There are people who are actually victimized by others in power and need help out of it and then there are those who cry wolf to victimhood for political gain. Discern the difference as awareness can produce a very different response and therefore, outcome.

I hear people pray and petition for a divine intervention and yet, praying is asking for what has “not come” and brings focus on the negative of not receiving. The focus rather is best aligned under the magnetic law of attraction whereby invoking spiritual help in giving thanks as if it has already happened. Giving thanks ahead of time invokes a positive and receptive response. You can practice this yourself. For instance, imagine a healthy and loving world and your place contributing to the beauty and betterment of the planet for all sentient life. After a time, take note of a cohering effect and how your interior life is less disorganized and confused. When there is congruency between what you think, feel, say, and do is when inner power builds to great courage.

Since the energy field of the body is a large magnet and attracts forces to it according to your mental plane activity, it is important to bear responsibility of your own thought building. With a repetition of thought patterns, self-talk, or educational/social conditioning, you are attracting forces to you either positively or detrimentally. As you may already know, the chakras or energy centers of the body condition the mind via their intersectionality. Although, all is interconnected and interchangeable in a multi dimensional anatomy, it is the higher Will of your Soul seeking to orchestrate an alignment with your ego personality. They are those inklings, nuances and inner promptings towards healing of your inner complexes so that the life urge of your Soul may express through your human form in all its awe and brilliance.

If your ego personality is highly conditioned to the lower forces of selfishness, depravities, lack of compassion for life and so on, any receptivity to the Soul urge is obliterated to become blight on the planet. Segments of humanity have already sunk into the devolutionary pathways as sources of global power turn people in victims and willing followers and perpetrators to carry out their psychopathy of *democide upon the human family and all sentient life.

Healing is vitally necessary to rise courage from your heart and the breast of every living being aligned in the life urge agenda. It is our collective birthright by virtue of incarnation for the creative life of the Soul to thrive and evolve in the divine order of Nature and highest spiritual life potential on earth.

*Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.


Materialism, a Fraud against Humanity

By Alisa Battaglia

Contrary to what some people might believe, there is nothing wrong with having pleasures and enjoyments. What is wrong is the confused way we grasp onto these pleasures, turning them from a source of happiness into a source of pain and dissatisfaction.  ~Lama Thubten Yeshe, “Introduction to Tantra”

Whenever a nation stands aloof from virtue and ethics as its epicenter it is beguiled by sense reality. And to the extent that materialism succeeds, humanity becomes inwardly weak from focus on the externals. A preoccupation with buying, selling, loss and gain prevails in the absence of love and goodness. This is a major factor in deterioration, as vested interests lurk around with selfish motives and ambition. Materialism is a fraud against humanity since it masquerades as something virtuous.

As the world of the senses takes over wisdom is clouded. This enfeebling is happening all over the world today as pressures to conform echo borrowed thoughts. What influence will today’s controlled multitude have on the new generation? Wisdom is required to turn the tide. “Wisdom avoids going through the experience of trial and error; it is awakened by the clarity within that sets one free from illusions and deceptions” (J. Krishnamurti).  

Very few of us work on piercing through our projected deceptions and save ourselves from the commotion of a wasted life—duty bound and irresponsible at the same time. Education prepares to teach us how to fit into a job quashing the potential to be more humane and connected to the living world. We are taught to solve problems and go through the motions without realizing that there are no problems at all apart from the mind. Problems always relate to fear and self-centeredness. Insecurity is a permanent stamp upon humanity and self is an abstraction manufactured by thought. So, do we really have problems or are we just in doubt, fearful and self-centered? Where is the “clarity” that dissolves all problems and the duality of thought itself?

When interpretation is based on opinion and assumption, it has little to do with reality and fragmentation continues to thrive. Through questioning, we can free ourselves from opinions, assumptions, beliefs, conclusions, and consequences. Self-discovery, not efficiency leads to new action founded on the need to express truth and love within, rather than ambition and motive. This is where transformation takes place.

Society will not change, but we can govern the law of our own being as we rise to the heights and relate with the reality within. We may not be able to do anything about government, but we can be aware of what is not ethical and then build our lives with self-responsibility for our own ethics and virtues. This is each our responsibility, to love one another as ourselves. To accept that responsibility is life transforming. And no-thing can defeat this inner shift.

The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen. ~ A Course in Miracles, I, pg 54.


These Hands

By Alisa Battaglia

These Hands
Extend companionship in a world of lonely hearts.

These Hands
Hold a furry face with kisses. Beloved furkid!

These Hands
Button up the shirt of a snotty nose boy on a cold winter day.
Where’s Momma?

These Hands
Toil to move the soil and tend the garden for future nourishment.

These Hands
Bake cakes that delight and meals to please.

These Hands
Make beautiful things to enjoy and balms to heal.

These Hands
Receive goodwill and bouquets of flowers.

These Hands
Fold laundry, sew and clean.

These Hands
Raise to my face in sadness, cover my tired eyes and smooth my hair to what the world is becoming.

These Hands
Animate expressing my Soul.

These Hands
Lift a baby and close to my heart whisper to this soul life, “I See Beautiful You.”

These Hands
Hold memory tracing the muscles of your body and face.

These Hands
Hold a heart I’ve been entrusted to.

These Hands
Come together is prayer for a World Blessing!