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My tenure on earth has lead me through myriad experiences much like a kaleidoscope revealing its dimensions and the many facets of the it’s patterns, constantly changing, seeking new form and exposing something new to metamorphose.

The seeds sown in the darkness have finally taken root and sprouted into the light over decades of personal commitment to greater congruency between what I think, feel, say, and do. Intuition is the bridge to ensouled realities and is now the wise default navigator of my life. From my spiritual alignment and integration process, I created, “Processes of Alignment & Integration ~ Congruency between Body, Emotions & Mind with Spirit” for others to soften their sojourn path. I recognize that authentic change is even more challenging for those who have never expressed a deeper yearning to move into the center of their God-self or divine essence, except by life’s pressures. What people cannot see, they often fear. Yet, there is no need to suffer!

The early years of my life were full of emotional struggle and I received little earthen support, yet with Trust in a higher power at my side I came “through”  and continue to forge forward with more faith than than ever as a messenger of the “Life Urge.” I hard learned after much strong headedness to embrace my resistance as it contains the duality of my/our collective natures (fear/fearlessness). I learned that resistance arises when I fear and discovered that the antidote is ever to move to the opposite pole of that feeling state. I created, “Polarity Integration, the Union of Individualized Consciousness” as a guidepost for helping others to  find balance between extremes.

My life’s dharma (path) since youth has been about inspiring people as a living example to motivate them into stripping their old paradigms and making space for new and healthy intentions and creativity. I point out in dispassionate awareness that the institutions that once served us are now usurping the masses’ generative energy through various methods of manipulation and trauma induced suffering. Subliminal mind control used by the media is a technique used to distract us from our inner knowingness using fear tactics that sway the emotional body into lower reactionary impulses. Waking from the dream is a necessary prerequisite to self sovereign power and somatic enlightenment. The excess of material goods creates a much worse affliction, a vacuum of boredom manifesting in addiction, thus  a distraction from ones center of Being. The Bio Medical apparatus is the backbone of a sick-care industry complicit in a slow kill that focuses on insurance companies’ revenues and the promotion of drugs.  Drugs are used to alleviate the symptoms and then produce new ones, rather than to treat the cause. Detoxification is vital for our daily wellness from misery, debilitating diseases and a painful death. Thus, I became a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist to help one cleanse their cells, tissues and organs, rebuild their immune system, release weight and to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Cruel animal testing and slaughter as a commodity is an annihilation of the Universal Law of Unity – the One Life, a separation from our center of Being and Source. As stewards we are to safeguard animals; they hold wisdom of the land and comprise the great chain of life. Humanities food sources grown by Big Agriculture and Biotechnology such as genetically engineered, CRISPR gene editing, mRNA and clones, irradiated, pesticide laden, and the litany of chemicalized processed foods along with toxic skies, polluted and fluoridated water rob us of nutrients and afflict the endocrines making us Acidic, sick and weak. The gender bender effects of estrogenic plastics bring confusion and mutation to biological life systems, they weaken men and cause cancer. Illness distracts us from living and loving life. It reinforces the process of co-dependency on the medical community and pharmacological industries that are anti-life.

Eating unadulterated live food that contains the intelligence of solar energy fortifies the body-mind complex to function at a higher psychical order. I created CARE Wellness Cellular Health Program – A Philosophy of CARE for the Whole Self Well Being; and the “Designer Wellness Program” because “One Size does not Fit All” since health is a state of balance among the body, mind, senses and Soul aspect of the personality and the environment it dwells.

Communing with Nature realities and honoring her inhabitants, while systematically working within the Universal Laws of Integrity and Grace, has bestowed upon me great faith and understanding that we must harmonically live in tandem with the greater Kosmic rhythm. It is vital to maintain clarity that we are a part of the whole and not to dismember ourselves.  The Nature Systems Thinking Process (NSTP)  of Eco-Psychology “bridges the gaps in consciousness.” I produce “Growing Life Gardens” wherever I go, sharing “how to” from seed to table.  I do this because the solar life, energies of Nature and the infinite universe are absorbed through the whole foods we eat and the herbs we use to balance and heal, which are transmuted into our thoughts and actions. I experience the link between raw food and consciousness via the healthy microbiome in the gut/brain axis and the calming effects upon my emotional body.

In sight of this this great link between body, psyche, nature, food and Spirit, I continue on with life’s adventure by learning to sustain a delicate balance of inward harmony and conscious intention in alignment with the Laws of Life. I embrace all aspects of myself, including my shadow and challenge myself to remove any faults in my nature so that I may more fully connect with my “Essential Self.” I now actively do what I enjoy the most in a loving and selfless way that creates a continuous supporting energy that manifests itself abundantly. Trusting that the universe helps to support all that I AM, I feel charged with inspiration to help others and to teach them that the gift of spiritual consciousness is also theirs. Thus, as a Spiritual Midwife, I birth others into awareness and contribute my part in the Great Work.

In Lighted Companionship,
Alisa 🙂

My Designations:
Reiki Master
Ordained Minister 
Advanced Aromatherapist
Bach Flower Level 1

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)
Advanced Theta Healer
Florida Master Gardener
Regenerative Detoxification Specialist
Lymphatic Iridologist
Spiritual MidWife

Alisa Battaglia©2023

1 thought on “About Alisa Battaglia

  1. God Morning, Alisa,
    We met years ago when I dated your Mom or a short time. I live in Sarasota and am doing well. I am interested in creating a Podcast focused on Spiritual Healing and would love your input. I am also writing a book about creating the America We Want. ( the antithesis of what our elected officials have given us).


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