My Articles and Self-Healing Manuals; Growing Life Gardens and Simple Chef Food videos are designed for practical application in daily living that supports personal creative vision, amplifies Nature connection and fortifies Spiritual goals into everyday life. Awareness, Clarity and Wisdom works to dissolve faulty patterns and situations that have outlived their evolutionary usefulness.


The Earth Laughs in Flowers
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alisa Battaglia brings a rare blend of experience and training to her work as an Apprentice with Spirit in contribution to the planetary “Great Work.”

As an Integral Practitioner, Alisa has studied and explored a wide range of spiritual traditions and healing systems for over 25 years. Her Integral Life Wellness Spiritual Midwifery Coaching; Self-Healing Manuals and upcoming Book series are a culmination of life experience, Wisdom and downpourings from her Soul in the healing processes of alignment and integration with the Divine Kosmic Circuit and Gaian Life streaming – As Above, So Below! Alisa has collaborated with the Ancient Mysterium, Indigenous Wisdom Teachings and Eco-Social-Psychologies; terrestrial physics via Nature observation and Tellurgy; Energy Wellness and alternative science theories.

Through personal gnosis and cultivation of the jewel at the heart, Alisa points that Wisdom is cultivated in the vectors of an expanded Heart consciousness. That the Feeling HEART divinely connects us to untapped and unlimited human power. We are both Kosmically electric and magnetically Earthen. Communion with the two opens us to connect to these pathways of Divine Intelligence. Our Heart is the kaleidoscopic pathway that is the jewel at the center – the Innerdiamond.

The synthesis of Alisa’s telluric communion with the Spirit in Nature has brought her to increasing levels of self mastery and four initiations. Her practice recognizes the Nature of Spirit in all things, that consciousness is material and that the Divine feminine wisdom is the integral link to manifestation, co-creativity, self-empowerment and liberation for humanity. Through wisdom transference she has learned that potentate life force or sexual energy is a gateway to the Divine – the Ascent to Spirit for full Somatic Enlightenment. Planetary Tantra is the enlargement of Tantric union with the Spirit in Nature for Earth correction and is both, the default pathway for the ailing and healing Heart of Humanity.

Alisa’s experience from having grown up overseas has given her a sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversities that excels beyond the ego-identification labels in life: Real Estate Agent; Ordained Minister; Metaphysician; Reiki Master; Advanced Aromatherapist; Hypnotist (CHT);  Bach Flower I; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner; Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ practitioner; Wellness Educator; South FL Master Gardener; Masters in Eco-psychology student; Author and Visionary activist with a love for truthful media. Also, as a practitioner in holistic endeavors, Alisa is passionate about natural health, organic gardening and living food; and for the preservation of health freedom and food sovereignty.

Alisa’s background in dance and personal training and from her own healing pathway has given her unique insight into the human form, body awareness, balance and pattern. Her understanding of wellness and self care at the vibrational level and the cultivation of sexual energy, internal exercises and movement, and the personality with Soul integration process, has allowed her to create a unique form of healing reorganization for her clients.

Alisa continues to self-educate and integrate her spiritual wisdom and healing knowledge into her personal and professional life. The hallmarks of her work are a high level of integrity, open-heartedness and compassion, awareness, deep presence, and play.

Alisa’s personal creative passions are horticulture, Spiritual organic gardening and healthy living, the cultivation of higher consciousness and Nature Connection. She receives symbolic visionary Eco-images that she draws. With a great penchant for writing with spirit, Alisa is ever expressing the wisdom of her higher self through the written word and Radio. She has been a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine for the Spirit and Soul of Women, Spirit Pathway Magazine, Nature’s Way, and her eco-psychology work published in “The Journal of Organic Psychology.” As an avid visionary activist for the preservation of life, she is a defender of all things Good, Beautiful and True. Although highly involved in many worthy pursuits, Alisa chooses to maintain her sovereign self identity as One with the Heart of Nature- Spirit in Matter and is not a member of any specific organization or Mystery School.

Nature is My Religion
Earth is My Temple
Love is My Path
~Alisa Battaglia


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