Cellular Detoxificaton

Peeling the Layers of Toxicity
The 4 Components of Cellular Detoxification & Healing

Toxins blunt the communication of cells with the rest of the body. Toxins interfere with communication between cells and hormones by shutting off the information to the cell. This produces a myriad of symptoms from brain fog, constipation, headaches, and lethargy to muscular skeletal pain.  Four processes that must function for health and wellness: Digestion, absorption (assimilation) utilization and elimination. When these processes are out of sync dis-ease symptoms occur and left unchecked inflammation sets in, which trail blazes the onset of disease.    

What  TO DO:

1-Change Diet
2-Remove the Source
3-Regenerate the Cell Membrane
4-Restore Cellular Energy
5-Reduce Cellular Inflammation
6-Re-Establish Cellular Regeneration (Methylation)

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