Cellular Detoxificaton

Peeling the Layers of Toxicity
The 4 Components of Cellular Detoxification & Healing

Toxins blunt the communication of cells within the entire body. They interfere with communication between cells and hormones by shutting off the information to the cell. This produces a myriad of symptoms from brain fog, constipation, headaches, and lethargy to muscular skeletal pain.  Four processes that must function for health and wellness: Digestion, Absorption (assimilation) Utilization and Elimination before regeneration can occur. When these processes are out of sync dis-ease symptoms occur and when left unchecked inflammation sets in, which trail blazes the onset of disease.    

What  TO DO:

1-Change Diet
2-Remove the Afflictive Source
3-Reduce Cellular Inflammation
4-Regenerate the Cell Membrane
5-Restore Cellular Energy
6-Re-Establish Cellular Regeneration (Methylation)
7-Remineralize the Body

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