Part 2 of Understanding Energetic Boundaries for an Empowered Feminine Life Series
By Alisa Battaglia

As a Soul incarnated in a female gender body creating in matter, I have learned a great deal about how to recognize patterns and manipulate energy internally and externally. While, energy is neutral it is employed for all sorts of uses. In the context of relationship, life lessons point out the spiritual masculine and feminine energetic imbalances, how they are initiated through a lineage of wound patterns and that when healed, the energies balance within the gender body. This conscious wielding of force allows for greater control over life and even brings enjoyment to the chrysalis process of “sheathing the layers of inauthenticity” revealing a new “path of heart.”

As a natural female, probably like you, I have misused my inner masculine and feminine energies well from both ignorance, confusion and pain born from familial and social conditioning coupled with the ingrained energetic imprinting from those before me.  Committed to my process, I continue to make the necessary adjustments through awareness and healing to properly wield those forces in general harmony within myself. As a whole, today, I am conscious of when I need to act, investigate further, when to let things alone, to see and feel deeper, and when my response is emanating from a yet unrecognized insecurity or unhealed wound and most importantly, when my Soul is vying for my attention. While I am not perfect and sometimes fall into mental trappings, there is always a little urging that points to where I need to rearrange my energy inflow and outflow. In whatever way life shows me, managing spiritual gender energies is a balancing act inasmuch that loving myself more reveals to be the antidote to all that ails inside me and in the world. Learning to know and love myself more through “polarity integration” has been a gradual process gifting me with continued transformational healing and wisdom whose gnosis I pay forward. It is truly an art with a process and a blessing.

While esoteric traditions discuss male and female spiritual energies, ascribe their general function and use nebulous iconography, they fail to touch upon the main vector – the “feeling heart of awareness,” and the transgenerational component of its energetic imprinting on the pain body.  Imprints shape current circumstances and produce the unconscious energetic feedback loops or self-defeating scenarios and poor health themes that continues to repeat via the family pattern. If the energy pattern is untangled and rightly understood, the bondage of the energetic misuse held in psyche and soma from general unawareness imbued as a habit pattern can be broken.  If all energies are concentrated in the moment and there is a will to navigate the grit no matter how annoying or unsavory, to poke into the “why” of the energy imbalance, awareness is gained and fresh opportunities begin to present, gifts unseal, and new desires brew into life.

It is true to say that familial environment teaches gender role characteristics, how to behave within the family model growing up, maybe with siblings, animals, or through school and work, with peers and in relationships, but there lacks any notion of the energetic component of masculine and feminine energy. What is often observed, however is “ignorance in motion.” For instance, many well intended parents attempt to use their children to foster their unrequited dreams discouraging their children’s own life direction with consequences of confusion and depression. This means that the parent is attempting to create through a body other than their own. They likely learned to push their will onto others from their parents whose parents in turn pushed their will onto them. This long line can be envisaged as a braid weaving in the same trauma, imposed wills and so on with each successive generation. This general familial overlay can shroud or enhance innate attributes shaping life towards a desired mean. In the end it can be asked, “Who Am I?”

There are so many ways, a story in a life unfolds and where energetic imbalances play out. Following are general examples of how masculine and feminine energies are used to control others and the environment. I am sure you know a few people and maybe it’s you. When I call someone “a piece of work,” I am observing a manipulation dance in action that can be amusing from the outside looking in because I see their game. For instance, aggression with intellect is often used as a weapon. People will use words to make them appear smarter than you so that you submit to their greater intelligence and thus, will. Bullying to get what is wanted. Pushing people to extremes rattles the nervous system so you end up caving in giving them their way. Using sex as a weapon and emotions such as hate and jealousy to manipulate to get what you want. Aggression to keep people at bay and when that doesn’t work switching to self-sympathy and victimhood to regain control. All the world is a stage for religions, education, governments, politics and people to use these modes of power imbalances to their advantage. Manipulation for some is wholly unconscious while for others, it is pure entertainment and weaponized.

Some themes of the times are when young adults fear the world and team up in a marriage for security only to be roommates or claim asexuality. They take respite in the other of not having “to do” or initiate. Two people with problems initiating in the energetic masculine produces inertia. Both gender energies are lopsided in that the inner feminine component predominates in the receiver mode. With the inability for either to step into their own masculine power, the doing mode, it produces a kind of victim in that there is protraction from having to initiate, kind of like two jellyfish floating nowhere. While the husband represents the masculine energy she seeks within herself and could learn from him how to balance out her energy, he however is impotent in that he is functioning in the quiescent feminine mode as his dominant field. While this is general, it does point out to trauma in the masculine with the inability to assert power. Decapitating the “will to do” translates in young men as effeminization such as when he moves in with his girlfriend, rather than finding his own space and taking charge of his life. Instead, the girlfriend takes care of him like mom. Coddling does not help initiate him into his inner masculine energy, but rather paralyzes him instead. This lack of inner power has the same effect upon the feminine. Essentially this type of wound pattern is learned. It often occurs when a household is run by an over dominant masculinized male that makes decisions for the whole family without regard to their own life desires and then belittles them when they attempt their own dreams and asserts their independence.  He quashes their ability “to do” and the inner masculine remains energetically quiescent. Alternately, when parents’ divorce and the father is not present to emulate strong masculine energy in the family unit and when the mother takes on the energetic masculine role eliciting family submission to her will. When there is a seizing of another’s personal power, there is a misuse of spiritual energy that negates individual free will at the core that arrests inner development and self-sovereignty of the individual. Familial lineage carried through the ages in tradition for honor, position, power, holder of gifts or simply because parents, their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, or tribe and so on did something a certain way, has a powerful energetic hold within the body and psyche and in the development of inner masculine and feminine energies. If there is no gift in the family lineage, but trauma carried through the age, it wastes energy for this life.

“Matter is merely a result of vibration and really consists of the memory of the old carried onward into the new, the legacy bequeathed by the old and is an inheritance to the new.” (Science and Key of Life, Vol 6 of 7; pg. 38; Alvidas; Astro Pub Co, 1902).”

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another. This means that a system always has the same amount of energy, unless it’s added from the outside.” Adding energy from the outside is about energy cultivation as in garnering life force energy to build the inner light quotient for more spiritual power, protection and immunity such as the ancient practices of Qi Gong or Tai Chi, breathwork, sexual cultivation practices, creativity, laughter, and love that notably heals inner obstructions to free contractions and opens space for more love energy inside, thus expanding body consciousness. Grasping the principle that energy is never created nor destroyed and simply finds another form to express through, in this case a human body, with its lineage of imprints often wholly unaware, binds and entangles the self even if at the end there is a silver lining. Trapped in unconscious weaving always produces smallness with a greater yearning of unfoldment. Perhaps it is the want to feel wind under wing yet unfurled, but clipped and manicured existing in a gilded cage or the vice of familial and social oppression. No matter the source, the longing is the same. A major urging of the heart to break free and expand into greater effulgence. This requires great courage and I ask for it every day.

Courage is necessary to face certain truths about the self, family, and humanity. To face the raw fact that everyone is a phony defending their positionalities as truth with no real idea of the inner essence that lay dormant within. Great patience and perseverance are required to know self. Observe and question everything! Peeling the layers of inauthenticity is a noble act that also gives others permission to be real, raw and vulnerable so that the innerdiamond at the heart eventually refracts outwardly its clarity and luminosity. Know Thyself First be True is the only way to start shifting inner patterns that play out energetically! With awareness, masculine and feminine spiritual energies when utilized consciously can create any atmosphere desired. To change patterns, there requires the notion of how energies are used and then to make a decision how personal change is to look. I did it and so can you! I learned to balance my spiritual inner masculine and feminine energies to unearth the gifts of this life rather than operate from my childhood and adult wounds and bury them.

Transgenerational energy stamps are imbued within current habits and patterns whose dynamics are both felt and observed in the ways that life plays out for good or worse. For worse, they hook stealing life potential.  These energy stamps reflect through relationships, health conditions, and even maintain certain obsessions whose trail can lead to certain inner gifts. While the negative patterns are all too familiar within families, it is important to take notice of certain gifts that are held in lineage often unacknowledged and unmanifest. If there are strange inner urgings that are followed, but feel cock blocked at every turn, more than likely there are certain inner challenges to be overcome and requisites required before receiving the silver lining of a situation. Gifts are not only cultivated from previous soul cycles, they are held in family lineage offering hints along the way until there is full readiness to receive them and step into power to use them.

For example, examination of my current incarnation, documents show that I was born in Paris, France into a Sicilian family 3rd generation American on the paternal side and 5th generation of the matriarchal lineage of my mother. My mother’s father was Swedish and Norwegian making me a second generation American in that line. What I do know from both sides is that there is strength in my matriarchal lineage on both sides. My grandmothers and great grandmothers all live to or close to 100 having overcome severe hardships. All the men died early. I know little about their lives in Italy or my grandfather’s life in Scandinavia, but there are certain nuances and remembrances out of nowhere that parallel my current life theme, inklings and feelings of déjà vu that sit on the side lines without reference to the day’s reality. Strong pulls and reactions to situations, teachings of old, the faces of unknown people, fore vision that seem almost out of context to current experiences and then the gifts taken for granted that are more often ignored or deemed a flight of fancy, all require attention.  Contained within patterns are energetic messages like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly joining the strands of consciousness together. It is of great importance to heed them!

For instance, I energetically resonate with my Scandinavian side while I have no information of that lineage since my grandfather was not present in my mother’s life for too long.  Feelings of untapped power, ancient whispers of the old ways have always resided within seeking to get my attention through visions, mental impressions, and dream vignettes that contain energetic message bubbles that I receive during the special twilight hour. As an observer in dream space, sometimes I need to be shown things in order to fully grasp a personal issue that is causing a power imbalance because of another’s manipulation. In this case it was about the chronic emotional drama created by my mother’s anger mismanagement from her inability to cope that she projected onto me, holding me back in her judgment, for a very long time.

This specific dream vignette was like watching a silent movie. It was enigmatically visual as I watched my mother enter my bedroom and beeline straight into the bathroom to stand in front of the mirror. As I looked into the mirror standing behind her, all I saw were her Italian hands flailing everywhere around her head in what looked like inner rage and confusion. She turned to face me and I felt her suppressed power. I think I hugged her. Then I stepped back and walked to the side of my king-size bed to look at a very beautiful tall pale skinned woman with long red hair and green eyes sleeping on her side. I admired her so and wondered why she was laying there. Then I heard a strong voice say, “She is you” and that “I have to wake up” from my unconscious slumber to step into my power.  That was decades ago and with much learning along the way I am still stepping in my power.

This sleeping beauty proved to be the Nordic seeress and shaman within me whose gift and wisdom blesses me with visions and intuition pulsing through from my veins from a once forgotten lineage. I have yet to see her again, but it is clear to me that the ghost in my genes offered gifts to heal the embedded emotional drama of family life and provided me with essential tools to navigate the future-now. This experience began my journey of creating energetic emotional boundaries that made me very unpopular in my family because asserting boundaries breaks the negative feedback loop that others feed upon in the volleying of their pain back and forth. Few enjoy the push to change, but as my light quotient expanded those around me in time began to shift and evolve through energetic entrainment.  While it is like holding someone’s hand in order to help them keep apace, it is still an unconscious process on their end with still much work for them to do. I began to heal my family circle by cutting the cords that bound us and staying true to my spiritual course. I always live by example and eventually it catches on. You can, too!

In Lighted Companionship,

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Way Station … A Soul Teaching

Alisa Battaglia’s teaching via Dream state for re-entry into a new incarnational experience and Soul Group Signatures

“I arrive into a huge Way Station. I recall a momentous gathering of specific cyclic opportunity filled with an air of heightened anticipation, joy and focus for re-entry into a new incarnational experience. This familiar bustling depot is the meeting ground of all souls with entries and exits onto various stations. Each station represents a Soul Group Signature. I seek out my Soul Group signature and find a few of my fellow Soul buds sitting on benches at a long table. There are about 16 of us to one soul pod. I am warmly greeted and we share wisdom of our last incarnational experiences. I am somewhat surprised as to some of the souls that are there, as I remember them in my last life as being on the periphery and they did not seem spiritual at all.

With only a few of us there, we anticipate each discarnate soul member to arrive so that we may, as a group, exit into our next adventure. With feelings of trepidation we recall the Law that each Soul group member must be present before any can embark onto a new life journey, unless by group consensus and for special purposes only, where one goes in alone before the others. Otherwise, all of us must wait until the next cycle. Slowly, however, one-by-one arrives and each is greeted with cheer. With the table nearly full, except for two, we are nearly all there. We begin to talk among ourselves as the hour of departure beckons. We consider what life scenarios might have kept them from showing up on this auspicious Gathering of the Souls. We readily know that this incarnational opportunity will not arrive again for quite some time. We are filled with anticipation.

As in an airport, we hear our Soul Group call for assembly at the gate for boarding. Just at the final minute the last two arrive together and we joyously rush to our exit line-up. We stand in front of giant cubbies filled with box games, each with a life program and set of instructions that frame the experience for that incarnational role and the necessary agreements before launching into that experience. We make verbal exchanges about the games and consider the opportunities for soul advancement. We choose them on those merits. Not all of us choose the same game, however, but we take notes on how to remember one another for those of us that have. With a big hug, we bid one another adieu and good cheer on the next life travel and until the next gathering of incarnations.

Each of us exits by a jump off the platform like parachuting into a new life stream – descending by way of currents grounding our consciousness into the immersive stream of the new planetary life.” ~ END

Alisa Battaglia©2023

Language of Heart


The Heart is the Living Map to Guide us into the Heart of the Living Mother. ~Alisa Battaglia

Love is the flower for which love is the honey ~ Victor Hugo

The language of the Universe is reflected through the Soul in its perspective of a unified consciousness that is imbued with the eternal trinity of the good, the beautiful and the true. The seat of the soul is the heart and therefore, the language of Soul is the language of the Heart and also the language of Nature, since the soul is bonded into the Earth’s magnetic body inasmuch that Spirit is anchored into the Pleroma, the electrical force of creation at the heart of the Galactic Center. This means that the language of the soul communicates multi-dimensionally through the nexus of the heart in wholeness. According to the attribute of our heart is the reflective action, our measure of selflessness or selfishness. The variety of those interactions reflects the consciousness of our hearts’ that creates our experiences and how we communicate them to others. When there is the simple awareness that pain, trauma and fear (anger) keeps us from being totally involved in the now we begin to understand volition and right action. We recognize that what does not stand in love within us needs to be worked out with a mind connected in the Spirit in Nature’s Intelligent Love.

Right action or volition is the primary force of motivation that distinguishes the personality of the Soul from the personality desires of the masked or automated self. The motivation of Soul energy can be felt as a feeling-intellect within the heart, the impulse of compassion that moves us from the thick walls of selfishness into an ever-widening inclusiveness with life. It is from that place that we honestly attempt to be authentic as we are motivated through courage, inspiration and energy – the territory of the unfolding petals of the inner heart.

With an open heart it becomes easier to fight our selfishness with generosity and we begin to understand the language our Soul impulse seeks to communicate to us. When we listen to these subtle directive inner promptings, we nourish our Soul desires and trust its guidance more into our lives instead of fearing and going against our Essential Self. Our Soul interfaces with our personality vehicle the more we honor others and ourselves by following through on our commitments, contribute our skills and knowledge in a loving and patient way. As we accept our selves, learn tolerance and unconditional love we raise the vibrations of our energy body attracting to us those of similar attributes of heart and essentially energies of higher quality vibrations that resounds outwardly into the world.

To invoke spiritual energy to help us heal or to show us our path of purpose, we ground into the womb of Nature, center our mind and expand our hearts. Then we simply state our needs, dreams and desires, forgive and then let go of our attachments and preconceived process of how things should be done. We release the tentacles of our mind that wraps around things we identify with (our conditioning) so that we may let things happen and surrender the “how” to the miracle-producing Universe. We listen and move in rhythm with the Divine Heart of the Mother where love flows in Equipoise lovingly bringing calm, receptivity, aliveness and joy into our lives. The purpose of ensoulment is a life in aliveness, never angst, fear or derision.

Excerpts from The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration by Alisa Battaglia©2013

Published multiple times in Sibyl Magazine