Amazing Grace

AMAZING GRACE By Alisa Battaglia20150331_202437
“My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” ~Christ (II Corinthians 12.9) 

Grace is something we receive directly from Spirit that acts mystically in our soul. It is a gift of blessed influence that transforms our whole being at the most radical level. God is Gracious and we are constantly in the sphere of his/her eternal disposition. Grace is always available to us, but we do not always appropriate it.

I remember the day one late afternoon thinking about my life while jogging. My spirit was at low ebb. I was vividly aware of my weaknesses and wanted to change my life, but needed help by a power much larger than myself. I cried from sheer determination and willingness while invoking Spirits help from the core of my being. I surrendered my personal will and then I felt a sudden quickening of consciousness, a heightening of self awareness and sense of participation with the Universe—a Union with God. The sluice gates of my Soul opened and Grace amazingly poured in overwhelming me with beneficent power. I was made whole when the humble Grace of God flowed into me.

I questioned my worthiness of receiving God’s sanctifying energy, as for years I struggled with the middle way. I felt wholly unmerited of such an abundant and divine favor that had taken possession of me. I began to struggle with how and why I was being chosen to become a recipient for God’s work. I wondered how I was to honor this unknown, yet always desired Path of Service. My efforts felt so puny in the grandeur and magnanimity of favor lavished upon me.

Once I consciously accepted the amazing Grace that flowed into me that day, my life began to transform in ways I only imagined. I am very rich indeed! Grace I learned is the divine energy at work in the human soul. Therein, began the tenuous if not disconcerting alignment process of my personality; the eventual integration of my personality with Soul; and followed by a series of initiations of Soul with Spirit in tutelage for greater work to come.

I must say that receiving Grace is a most profound and moving experience – that of being pursued and captured by the relentless and irresistible love of God. Throughout the years it has been this divine energy that has driven me tirelessly to serve the purpose in the Greater plan of Love and Light. It is this consciousness of union—the eternal disposition of creative Love at the heart of God—that has enlarged my capacity for freedom. No doubt, I am a happy recipient of God’s Grace and within the principle of duty of expressing this eternal moral law that lies at the core of all things – I pass these words on. “Grace is available to everyone, but we must be willing to surrender to change at the very moment of asking – to apprehend to Divine strength. And in the freedom to choose, allow Spirit to bring harmony and balance into your life and live those principles, as is the impetus toward spiritual evolution.”

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