Finding Our Wings & Learning how to Fly

Finding Our Wings & Learning how to Fly

 “When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly” -Patrick Overton

With the primaries in focus polarity is at its height reflecting extreme opinions and ideologies of the collective global mind-set. During a transition in any culture old world paradigms break down and evolve into new traditions. This reactive polarization no doubt produces tensions expressed as willfulness, anxiety and psychological paralysis in fearful opposition to upcoming change.

One thing we might not realize is that change is ever constant…from moment to moment is newness—change in its ever-present state. From this point of view we might concede that human culture must continue to evolve until the polarity is ended.

Those with the operating belief that culture is degenerating and is devoid of an emerging spiritual awareness often cling to faulty structures as some sort of false self preservation technique. Such is that life is changing too fast and that it’s just easier to settle for the status quo in the material and mental sense. Inertia produced by both inner and outer resistance, fosters more fear and control.

We know we are courted by the voice of fear when we disregard our inner direction and divine guidance. Energy is siphoned out of us felt as a decrease in wisdom and self-direction. Fear is a weak link in the chain of consciousness, as it rises above the smallness of mind opening channels of opportunity, creativity and newness of experience. Equally, fear is a strong link in the chain of unconsciousness because fear blocks all access to authentic change. The mind remains small tethered to the technological mouthpiece in feeling, thought and action.

An intuitive mind is receptive to authentic change. Authentic change occurs from the inside out and consciousness shifts as we are guided by insights into the One Mind that leads us towards greater love and peace. Such an inner catharsis supports that all sentient life is interconnected as Unity consciousness and is vital to the whole of life. All have equal rights in the realm of spiritual ethics.

As the world turns, we find ourselves in various experiences such as departing the planet, waking up or falling into deeper sleep. Wherever we are in the polarity factor, we are all born into this particular time frame…each with a personal vision of what our lives can be within a larger vision encompassed in the whole of history and the future of humanity. Here we are to awaken to who we are at a higher level. This makes us instrumental in overcoming the polarization of fear.

When the convergence into spiritual worldview from material reality has been grasped from a higher perspective and energy level maintained in sufficient numbers, together we will overcome reactionary fear and fall into alignment with the higher dimensions to help unite Heaven and Earth in the planetary renaissance.

This means that when we fully pay attention, inspecting the details of the potential future from our immediate actions, we move into the world of causes rather than live in the world of effects. This means that whatever we intend or believe in the back drop of our minds tends to happen more readily. We can use this to our advantage.

Intention is the pathway to manifestation and our potential future. What we believe we make become.

By Alisa Battaglia©2016

Alisa Battaglia
Hollywood, FL






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