New Economy Series … Efficient Use

cropped-gardencapecoral.jpgEfficient Use
Governing the Law of our Own Being towards Self-Sustainability       

It is not the amount of money we earn that brings peace of mind, rather it is having enough to create the things we need and deisre. IF WE FIND WAYS TO LIVE TOGETHER IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF PEACEFUL NURTURING SUPPORT…much can be accomplished to further the development of the heart consciousness of humanity into “efficient use” for creative individual and community living. All we need is an openness of heart and a willing attitude to share our gifts with others and in no time, abundance and wellbeing fills our lives in all ways grateful.

Gratifude guides the flow of the gift. Living in the gift is the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity in action – giving instead of exchanging. Giving is a nurturing value expressed through the The Gift Paradigm that has the advantage of restoring mothering to its rightful place in the constitution of the human. With nurturing as the center of care there is efficient use of energy mimicking the ways of Nature. We all win!

With an openness of self-sufficiency, an attitude of self-care and love for Nature to live sustainably, we begin to create new stories in context of the connected self. Our relationships change as we connect and come to love and respect the earth. We relate in a new way and perhaps connect our own evolution with that of the plant kingdom, of Nature. We begin to work in alignment with nature and create food forests(Permaculture) or convert areas of lawn to grow a sustainable food supply and plant fruit trees that are the most nutritionally dense super foods. We may grow what we can in pots on our patios or along a sunny window because we find no other worthy nutrition other than growing our own food or eating locally organically grown produce. Joining a food co-op or organic produce buying club or even renting out a small plot in an urban farm opens us up to further options to health freedom and food sovereignty.

So, this whole idea of “efficient use” is not only about outer organization, but takes inner organization that relates to a series of inner alignments in the letting go of scarcity. Scarcity breeds greed as an artifact of an old ideology. The old story of artificially induced competitions becomes a new story created through a connectedness and uniqueness of life-affirming values and of building new relationships through cooperation and collaboration.

Perhaps some of us are more aligned along this inner pathway than others and already apply the “efficient use” attitude of living. No matter, wherever we are, we start where we are and move forward.

When we assess our lives what becomes evident is that we must first learn how to govern the law of our own being. That is to be self sufficient in our use of energy, both internally and externally. To be mindful of things repetitive – that are done out of habituation rather than act in spontaneity of need. Such habituations or the rote bleeds energy because there is no generation from imagination and creativity. Abandon unnecessary energy depleting actions along with the emotional correlate and mindfully refocus energy for healing re-alignment!

Abandon the robotic, mechanical, rote response of the reactional mind. The body is on cruise control and yet, the mind is not connected to its actions. This functioning on automatic causes a split or bifurcation between the physical and mental responses of being. Bifurcation can happen on any level where there is incongruency between what we think, feel, say and do. Self connectnedness is lacking. Alignment is always needed where there is a loss of energy. Loss of energy is produced when personal fields fail to connect and make an alignment with the higher stream of universal wellbeing that is all Nurturing. When there is vibrational singularity, phase conjugation or communion (they all mean the same thing) connection is produced. If there is no meeting ground, a bridging process needs to be developed. The area of weakness or where there is less strength, is deficient in, is what needs to be developed. That’s an inner bridging process. Actions must produce congruency.

There are many layers to the old story paradigm, so fine tuning our behaviors and choosing what we allow into our consciousness endows us with the creative capacity to formulate our own dreams. When our emotional charges have subsided into neutrality we see the lesson in the experience with clarity. This gives us wisdom. The cultivation of wisdom is born by lifting the feelings of emotional charge from the belly to the heart center for intuitive union. We move into a higher way of seeing, living, moving, being, of loving. This requires focused attention-intention to produce a desired response. As we heal, our effectiveness grows and the beauty of our vision increases and opportunities manifest.

In what we think, feel, say and do there is a sense of unity, of congruency. Yet, boundaries need affirmation from time to time to assure balance. What we say is important. It is our vibrational code broadcasted to the world of our essential integrity. The integrity of our word, of our word in action holds great merit and attracts to us beneficent forces. Grace.

Congruency with self depends on whether word and action is in alignment with what we say and do. When out of phase, we release the contraction of contradictions and match up our words with action in order to self initiate. This self initiating action is cultivated by the attitude of gratitude and a willingness to cooperate with the life flow in making our visions the future now.

From the wisdom of our experiences we have developed a strong sense of Self. We are learning to govern the law of our own being in cooperation with various life streams. We understand the ego structure that innately seeks to dominate all things. Like the Scorpion using its sting as the final blow, here too, wisdom reveals the final blow as to purification of the ego from its clinging. We emotionally purify to the dominance of the heart. The intuitive heart is our focal point of all our responses in thought, feeling, word and action.

Our stream of focus is to live in alignment with Source energy. We can feel how close or far away we are. Our feelings are our barometer for our wellbeing. The stream of wellbeing is the core for our movement either towards or away from it. The closer we are in alignment to the stream of wellbeing, the better we feel and the better we treat others and respect life. The farther out of alignment we are, is the distance between Self and Source and we suffer. Our suffering readily shows up in our environment.

Holding an attitude of gratitude cultivates wellbeing as we move about the day. By focusing our mental stream on feelings of gratitude we draw to us magnetic energy that builds in power. As we potentate energy inside us we radiate feelings of wellbeing to the world. Inspiration fills the breath circulating throughout the cellular body ensouling our awareness. No longer on the threshold, we birth the authentic Self. A new evolution of psychic existence has been reached that lives the gift and trusts in the the universe to gift us.

Expanded consciousness hard won, we nurture and protect the invisible lattice of luminiferous etheric energies that pulse through us and all life. This light bearing ether forms the lattice of wellbeing around the sphere of the heart. Its electric life force flows along the energy pathways of the body and interfaces with all living matter.

We feel the Oneness in the matrice of life’s creation and seek to unify in this field of ‘efficient use” of life energy as mirrored in Nature. Upon observation we recognize that Nature uses only what it needs and always recycles what is not necessary back into fecundity for future use. Nature is always becoming. She is the great mirror for efficiency in our own actions of self-sustainability. With reverence we take her wisdom from the beginning of her creation and begin to apply it in every area of our lives.

The generative Earth force that vitalizes our own body also enlivens within us the seeds of creation. Like the seeds of the plant kingdom, everything begins as a seed – a seed thought, a seed feeling, a seed response. As we interface our consciousness with the seeds of the food we grow, herbs, trees, flowers, water and even extended to the care of the animal kingdom, we create a feedback loop of wellbeing.

Resonant force transmits to food and takes in the orgone force of wellbeing and produces for us its Super alter. This super food endows us with wellbeing, clarity and a state of grace. So when we grow our own food & herbs to make medicine & make our own teas, we absorb this psychic energy and enliven every facet of our being by assimilation through resonance.

With wellbeing as the underlying psychic force, Grace assists us to become wholly self-directed in governing the law of our own being.

Alisa Battaglia©2014








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