The Story of a Pearl

By Alisa Battaglia

Often times relationships are rife with frictions yet understood. A deeper reflection brings to the awareness a spiritual necessity for the friction and the purpose revealed in simplicity. I share this interaction with you in that you may resonate with your own relational relational riffs and how they may be used to benefit your inner evolution.  

“It is clear as to the strength of my personality in helping to catalyze you to the edge of your comfort zone for an inner transformation. To lead you into a healing crisis necessary for initiation onto a higher spiritual pathway. To unconsciously rub the painful scab over wounds you have never healed and continue to run from. You can run, but you cannot hide! Unhealed wounds carry weight and are self-destructive! You are too beautiful a person to linger there. 

Like the oysters you so enjoy, when an irritant enters its shell and gets trapped and unable to flush out, the grit is cultured for a while into a shiny creation. Only about one in 10,000 make a pearl. Note the wisdom of the mollusk. They make pearls against irritants that sneak into its soft tissue and to heal that abrasion they exude layer upon layer of shell material to become exceptionally strong. 

Be like the pearl!”

Alisa Battaglia©2023

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1 thought on “The Story of a Pearl

  1. I never really cared much for oysters but your point is well taken and eloquently conveyed…thanks for being YOU ?? ________________________________


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