Living at Ease

By Alisa Battaglia

Awakening to our essence, to know ourselves, is the nature of Spirit. Spirit is whole and undivided. Unless we live a full sense of who we are, we do not really live. Anything less is banal, habituated and automated. With that there is a loss of free will and disconnection with the creative mind. The mind fragments and diverges from the stream of the One Life. 

We may inhabit a form body, call it life, but we are forever subject to our ignorance, fear and helplessness in the material world.

Fall back inside self. Pause. Engage the mind and free will. With meditation and self-analysis we carefully select the values, priorities and motives (physical, mental & spiritual) according to how we wish to chart our life path.  These core values are the primary motivators in our lives. When we act on our own values we apply what we believe… we live by example with patience and acceptance of responsibility for one another promoting Love and Goodwill.

As we live a full sense of ourselves, our Soul houses the understanding of our experiences. We let life inside our hearts to play its individual song, to sing and dance inside us.

Spirit moves within us, always changing yet, remains unchanged. It is the cycle of being from which our essence glows – the nature of Spirit inside us transforming us into ease on every level-materially, emotionally & spiritually. Within this timeless dimension of existential law is how to know ourselves…to be ourselves. It is the undivided nature of Spirit. Be there!



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