One Love ~ Exiting the Patrix

In this time of momentous planetary shift, social turmoil & personal change, a large number of people are mobilizing to save the world in ways they deem right. There are many opinions as to who is right and who is wrong and how to go about it. The conflict of duality consciousness is nothing new and the controversy it brings is also nothing new because this cycle perpetuates. Discarding duality consciousness is necessary in order to embrace an aerial perspective. Anything less keeps us locked in conflict, the fear loop, and cast into the drama between light and dark whose reflection is controlled by bending the laws of nature to fit ideas of what the world should look like. Duality has created the nightmare of the modern world, a world at odds with Nature and itself.

We know the world is really energy that is controlled by consciousness that is in turn controlled by connection to the human heart. The conscious heart is the instrument and the only way out through the dualistic construct. By unplugging our consciousness from the collective mind loop that keeps us at war with ourselves and the world, our steely hearts open to feeling and awareness. Feeling and awareness are vibratory signatures that lend the capacity to embrace all sides of the planetary coin. For instance, if we go against something or take one side over the other, we feed and empower that other side. Simply unplug and step up! Perceiving from an aerial view, steps consciousness up and outside of the conflict pen so that all sides can be embraced.

When we embrace all sides of a conflict with love and compassion, and without judgment, which is really challenging amidst difficult experiences, the conflicted situation loses energy and begins to resolve itself because the flowing energy through our umbilicus is no longer siphoned into the duality consciousness feedback loop. The full flow of individuated consciousness can now return into circulation with All That Is.

Unplugging from the Patrix (patriarchal dominator matrix) and stepping up an octave is the only way we can actually change the world. With our presence amped up in vibration, we become a bright and powerful beacon. We stand for many, as the amplified heart presence of one person aligned in unity consciousness is more powerful than a thousand people in fear. When we stand in love and inner peace, we shine more brightly and amplify that vibration far and wide. This shifts the balance of our ailing world back to its harmonious roots in Nature. Nature is perfect when left alone and is, and has always been the corridor to the Divine. Unplug from the cycle of addictive consciousness, out of duality, by stepping up to renew the message of the heart as One Love. Love is the only reality that is!

Alisa Battaglia©2011-2018



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