Natural Consensus versus Complicity


World cult-ure is an artificial construct derived as mans law of commerce. Its organization concerns the concentration of power and control in few hands that exploits and pollutes through the dogma of politics, science, gender, media, religion, education, and taxation with a reaction of militarism. No matter the political ideology, the goals are always the same – military might and industrial economies. Peace is always forfeited, while violence flourishes, and war becomes a way of life. Nature is exploited and civil liberties are eliminated threatening martial law to impose a new stepping of the guard. These industrial empires through “the electronic industries of vested interests are so swift and imperceptible in their subliminal effects that the layman is sucked in without knowing it. The commercial world has “illusory” territorial rights over the populace.”

The militarism of Corporate Politics or Cartels is the source of all macro-social evil. Lives are not important to governments. Psychopaths, people with no soul, run their agendas. Violating the rights of others predicates their climb to power. The economy is simply a means for the advancement of self-interest with the masses as its playthings. With a shallow feel for life, ownership of resources are claimed as their own, slums are born and there is interference with everything that is natural –food, water, air, soil, clothing, sex, animals, and Earth herself. The cult of science with its experiments are adulterating biology, terra-forming Nature and the human mind  shaping our very brains to control our thinking and behavior to the advantage of those in control of the system. Media induction, the dumbing down of compulsory education, salvationist religion, fake science and political theatre; genetically engineered foods; vaccinations and pharmaceuticals; electromagnetic radiation; fluoridated water; and polluted air are many of the psychopaths tools to foster a complicit society unable to think, act or feel for themselves. These social control mechanisms are a blatant war upon all sentient life. It is bio-psycho-spiritual warfare!

The show of empathy has vanished to the “external seeking of glamour” that belittles internal values and principles over uplifting people and nations into self-sufficiency as expressed in Nature. With progress defined as an increase in efficiency and competition at gaining advantage for itself, the inner life has fallen sway to the world of appearances. It is co-opted into the slavery of separation from our immediate and imminent Source in Nature. In its complicity, Humanity is defiled.

For instance, people like herds are fashioned into mass consumers by arousing and appeasing appetites with manufactured goods. This superficiality creates an artificial affluence that widens the gap though separation by the very nature of affordability.

When stimulation of the appetites dominate our lives and influence our choices of food, professions, values, and relationships, we subject ourselves to habit and sensation focused in the pleasure principle of addiction rather than the pleasure bond in Nature. “In absence of relaxation and serenity (of an inner life balanced in Nature), our activities are dominated by the quest for survival and gratification; our pursuit of pleasure is in direct relationship to our increasing sense of insecurity and fear. An artificial life of conflict attempts to escape from fear through pleasure.” Therein, enters the vicious cycle of addictive consciousness.

“Man is beguiled out of his true identity and his divinity in order to serve the manmade systems of commerce, politics, and the fallacy of nationalism. The price of this education of the external is that we have lost our innocence. Is this not too high a price to pay?” ~Tara Singh

A collective consciousness that is limited to base physical sensation is easy to exploit if not grounded and centered in Nature realities. Such a gross pattern of living is entirely self-destructive in that it usurps the expression of our aspirations in the struggle for survival and territorialism relegating us to the lower sides of our nature – survivalism. Survivalism sustains the energy of friction that keeps us bound solely to the choices of our particular society, government, nation that results in a loss of freedom. Enslaved by the industrial economy, we become dependent on control structures rather than on self-reliance. Dependency annihilates Simplicity that restricts our function to the mere routine of mediocrity and habituation, putting limits on the natural and destroying the spontaneity within us. As we overlook self-discovery and the spaciousness of serenity, knowledge imprisons us in a world of abstract thought images that severely limits our ability to question and subsequently, our choices fall within the realm of duality.

Ignoring the reality of Light that we are and the discovery of our identity with our true Source in Nature we reduce into physical bondage and discard our potential as we automate into routine work like a machine. We confine to being wage earners that preoccupies our thought with images of survival followed by anxiety, aggression, and self-centeredness. In self-centeredness we lose our humane perspective because we have lost connection with our authentic Nature as a part in Nature. Self-centeredness is the origin of contradiction and conflict upon the planet. It defines a constant craving where humanity lives by attachment and an unfulfillment of body senses. We escape this confinement through pleasure, become overly indulgent, and overcrowd our homes with unnecessary things.

The world of senses is the world of shows. It does not exist for itself.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The masses are in delirium and do not understand that they/we hold the power to transform our lives and our world into a better way of living cocreating with Nature. That consumerism is what keeps these entities in power, as it is through our dollars and the drain of human energy, that we give rise to their strength over us, not the other way around. Nothing external can actually control us, unless we surrender to it (in ignorance or awareness) and nourish it by supporting it through our purchasing power. Either surrendering our humanism to power or usurping it, is a violation of Eternal Law and we are all subject to its consequences, both individually and collectively. The consequences for putting energy into destroying life rather than protecting it are steep! When we solely live in identification with the external, we violate the purity of trust in Spirit, we suffer and perish. We disconnect from the very thing that sustains us and gives us daily life.

The Human family is not fully aware of what is ahead, but if we do not change from within ourselves, we are going to be changed from the outside in. This is inevitable and extremely dangerous as such change is not born from within, outside forces seek to usurp the human spirit into automaton. Ponder that any domination over the will, intelligence and emotions is the intrinsic nature and structure of human evil.


YOU Are The Human Being!

YOU Support This Tragedy With Your Prejudices.

We each must harness inner change, which is a turning point in the consciousness of humanity. As a whole humankind has avoided this action. Authentic change in perception is an action that starts with self – it is the only possible transformation, as personal survival or advantage is not a viable option. Survival is not the goal of life, the illumined path is and it all begins with pure intent of coming to peace within. With this in mind we can surely outgrow the illusion of external nothingness, beyond the conditioning of our personalities and dependence upon external things that are driven by unfulfillment. To know the truth of love and to extend it to others is the challenge we must each wrestle. However, changing our opinions and concepts is not the answer. What is required is an internal correction that asks us to disconnect our dependence on the illusion of things and regain multisensory connection through Nature that is to align with the indefatigable Spirit of creation – the higher laws of the universe. Without this conscious reconnection with Source and the Spirit in Nature our energy is drained, and there is a preoccupation of fear and insecurity that binds us to the torment of inner and outer conflicts. If we really want peace on Earth, we will end the conflict within ourselves for that is where all strife begins. Reactions, likes and dislikes are prejudices that give rise to external war, as what manifests outwardly is the dark interior in each person. Mastering the inner life is the challenge of our times upon which our future depends.

For instance, the inner purity garnered through the healing balm in Nature and the light of attention changes all circumstances. We are not pressured into helplessness because nothing external can control us when we step beyond the physical senses and into Divine Law where Love, cooperation and goodwill exists. It is in this alignment of Love, cooperation and goodwill that we harness the power of the universe that gives rise to an empathic perspective of understanding that it is the heart that matters that offers us contact with our own integrity, capacity of seeing beauty in another and the life that’s alive in them.

Empathy is a natural state of being that is whole and established in itself through Nature, as it relates with the eternal Laws of living. It is of awakened awareness that deals wisely with the actual, the now moment, which makes it free of outside influences and abstract ideas. Its impersonal sensitivity is not governed by prejudice, therefore the virtuous action of giving and caring for fellow humans has no motives and is thus, free from seeking results. It is simply a natural response to the need of the moment.

In the cycle of giving and receiving, the Law of reciprocity introduces to us the involuntary and spontaneous action of life. This shared joy of Nature and goodness with one another is complete unto itself because it opens within us abundant resources of a life in conscious co-creation with Nature. As we reconnect with Nature and open our senses, we make contact with our inner resources, gain peace of mind, and begin to explore our inner potential. This balanced orientation shifts how the brain processes information and how we think and feel responds in our yearning for sanity, joy, spontaneity, and harmony. With our sensory reconnection rewired through the intelligence of Nature, we step out of line with the rabid values of society and into a Nature connected lifestyle, which supports a nurturing life process, empathic to all sentient life and harmony with the land. The more empathically connected we are to life, the more we contribute to all humanity making Human Rights a Domestic Priority.

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff 8/17/12, 2nd edition. FL
Alisa Battaglia, 3rd edition 6/27/16 , Michigan


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