By Alisa Battaglia

“The outer web of musical light created the inner earthly one and held it there in its dance of tension. It is a connecting feeding mesh (like an electric grid of humanity).” ~Doris Lessing

The energetic expression of the principles of creation is a template of geometric proportion. As an outer web of musical light, that spans the entire multidimensional universe grids of light form in the linking up with the subtle web network surrounding other planetary bodies. Luminous strands of light intersect at the crossings producing focal/nodal points of light that create concentrated fields of force that are vortexual in nature. Together the subtle light pattern forms a grid and with the vortexual/nodal or power points act as the holding centers that produce the informing network of inter and intra-communication across planetary timelines.

The stratification of grid templates from spirit to matter is an interdimensional metamorphosis in the passage from one plane of existence to another – the bridge between mind and physical matter for both the planet and humanity. This stepping down of worlds within worlds through Earths gradations of fabric density from the etheric, the electrical, to the gaseous, fluid and the denser material, affects each level from the very sublime to the dense.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the web network or grids are to serve as a guide or etheric blueprint for organization that ensures proper distribution and alignment of the needed “elemental components,” which are the building blocks for creation – a template for its construction and purpose of existence. Life force energy and the many sonic frequencies maintain an effective energetic phase relationship of the planets frequency spectrum, both inside the biological body and outside it, in a constellative connection with the Earth’s Organic prototypal design of energy and light laid out upon Her surface. This foundational informing network with its own focal points of communication pathways serves as a bridge that transfers positive evolutionary energies between our planet’s physical and energetic manifestations. The Organic Grid Network (OGN) is the mediator/spiritual interlink for the blending of Kosmic and terrestrial energies in consciousness spiritually irradiating the landscape by distributing the vibrations of Love and Light for the activation of the seed crystal carried within each human heart.

The OGN threads in with the human energy body whose webstrings radiate back into the environment the assimilated experience of incoming external stimuli through the language of feeling or sensation. This allows us to plug into the planetary mind and commune with the heart of Nature to create the intended Earth paradise through the cultivation of the seed crystal. This interlinking is the harmonious fusion or blending of Kosmic and terrestrial energies in human consciousness exercising divine light potential. It is how to ground Spirit into matter (mater/mother) or form.

Earth’s Organic Grid Network is a paramount Spiritual phenomenon. For “millennia”, the planet has been under assault via the use of the ancient art of mystical sciences and its mathematical language to supplant planetary destiny by manipulating the Master electromagnetic spectrum geared to the consciousness and life support needs of humans, Nature, and the biosphere. Interception and recalibration of the sonic grid system via tone modulations has steered Earths and its inhabitants with creative mental programming into a de-evolutionary spiral away from creating an Earth Paradise for quite some time.

The synthetic reality produced by altering timelines has provoked much interest in the field of Grid Engineering. Architecture, manifested etherically and or physically built on the face of the planet alters the structure of space itself by modifying the space-time geometric matrix giving the “illusion of form and distance.” Focal points are recreated and recalibrated and a holographic synthetic virtual reality is born. A virus embeds into Earths nervous system pulsing its synthetic frequencies throughout the veins of culture. This syncopation and disconnection of the psyche from the ground of Being in Nature rewrites life codes into a synthetic life existence – inducing the human Soul into automaton.

The idea of manipulating matter by intersecting fields of force and inverting Natures energetic flows by damming them, altering timelines to manufacture a negative feedback loop that siphons the generative force of planetary life has provoked much controversy in the field of Grid Engineering. Rerouting the interface of Earths Organic Grid with the technosphere has produced an astral grid highway. Collectively we are born into a preconstructed paradigm or Matrix and conditioned into a repetition compulsion at the Soul life that results in a vicious cycle of addictive consciousness at the level of personality. The technospheric grid to keep us plugged into it via chronic bombardment of fear, the provoking of self-doubt, the celebration of aberrations that turns virtue into vice and twists truth into dualistic thinking. These effects ensure the continued aliveness of the astral realm by tethering our energy bodies at the 5th to the 7th dimensions to feed the astral realm in order to disconnect our psyches from the ground of Being in Nature. Low frequency vibrations keep humanity in a “Holding Pattern” – a phase lock or entrainment pattern. The high vibrations of presence, positivity, joy, love, and spontaneity center our reality with Truth of what is real through self-observation and direct experience.

Power VS Force


Alisa Battaglia © 2008
2ndEdition ©2015


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