Divinization of the Earth – The Secrets of the Relations between Heaven, Earth and Humanity

All sentient life is generated through the power and intelligence of the electromagnetic universe. Without magnetics, there would be nothing to hold the universe together. Magnetism is the agency of attraction of certain substances caused by the movement of electrical charges.

Such transduction occurs via galactic currents that contain packets of universal encodements received in a stepping down evolving creation process that intelligently sustains the community of Earths biosphere and her geophysical energies. For example, environmental energy is transformed within a shared matrix into electrical or neural energy for assimilation by the brain-nervous system. Since all matter is electrical, information is gathered in the elements, plants, and trees for assimilation and resonance with the principles ordering the universe.

Ancient sensory wisdom understands these emergent self-organizing systems as autogenesis and directly experiences this self-regulating action of intelligent serpentine currents from within the Kosmic Heart, the Galactic armature or Pleroma, as the spiritual laws that govern the uni-verse. The cyclic patterns held within these currents of life energy reveal the perpetual renewal of the life force – how life evolves, creates, and sustains. These vibrating energies express through the etheric grid system with its lei lines, the prototypal design of Earth’s exterior skeletal energy and light structure. It is the primary light and energy matrix, creating, enveloping, and maintaining planet Earth, our Gaia-Sophia. The etheric planetary grid is the forgotten nexus that connects all things and provides to all organisms, living frequencies, and Nature’s essentials so that each may thrive. Thus, this subtle non-verbal communication system of the planet is a trustable interdependent reality whose natural instinct is to thrive, balance, nurture, cooperate, self-regulate, and regenerate without waste.  It is the spiritual link for blending Kosmic and terrestrial energies and the pervasive means for harmonious fusion of the energies of the solar system in human consciousness.

Our lives as humans on Earth are breathed within the grid mediated parameters of the astrophysical center of our local solar system grid – the Sun. The Sun mediates through the grid enveloping Earth. Since we live within the Earth grid, we can directly harness these intelligent life streams via our molecular bodies and human consciousness vibrating our electromagnetic-Life-light spectrum received through daily interface with Nature, like a unified tuning fork.

A meditative interface with Earth’s grid offers keys of experiential knowledge or “divinization of the Earth’s secrets” via the Seven Hermetic Principles that underlies all manifestation. The Principle of Mentalism in that ALL is Infinite Mind; The Principle of Correspondence mirroring that what is below is likened unto that which is above and vice versa; The Principle of Vibration where nothing rests, everything moves and vibrates; The Principle of Polarity that insists everything has a pair of opposites; The Principle of Rhythm with its ebb and flow, peaks and troughs; The Principle of Causation that shows every effect has its cause and is never by chance; and The Principle of Gender where everything has its masculine and feminine aspects. The somatic body mindful of these keys and breathing meditatively with love from the Kosmic Heart, which is the fundamental energy behind light and matter, completes the intended divination process of Grounding Spirit into matter, activating our divine intelligence and gnosis of this inseverable nexus between the Earth, Kosmos, and humanity. As we harmonize and enlighten the Earth, we reciprocally do so somatically.  As above, so below; as within, so without.

With deep immersion in Nature, we can acquire insight into the planetary thought matrix by harnessing the vibrations of Love and Light distributed from the Kosmic Heart that spiritually irradiates the etheric grid with positive evolutionary energies and by extension, human consciousness. This two-way swinging door of subtle electromagnetic interface between higher, nonphysical stellar energies and the material embodiment of them in the Earth and human body opens within us dormant sense faculties of expression. There are whole ranges of frequency transmission capabilities open to us when we attune our bodies like an antenna or tuning fork to the Spiritual forces in Nature. As we calibrate planetarily in terms of frequency, we gradually attune into transmissions held within the master electromagnetic spectrum geared to the consciousness and life support needs of humans and the biosphere.  Transmission occurs through direct contact, rather than through the spoken word. There are many channels to telestically rapport through.

Keep in mind that the Earth is the Garden of Eden for a mutually supported human-Earth evolution. The ancient mythos of Gaia-Sophia explains our human and earthly origins revealing the framework and context as a Kosmological event. Earth is an embodiment of a Divine being, Sophia (Greek for wisdom) and that all components of the sensory world are aspects of this Divine being and wholly open to us. In other words the Earth is alive, speaks to us through the intuitive nature. Intelligently interacting and cooperating with Natures’ etheric electromagnetic grid we can harmonize these incoming streams against the chaotic entropic energy fields created by negative thought forms of resident humans, intrapsychic forces and frequency modulation devices to maintain the bio-psychic health of humanity and Nature.  Ponder that the mind is electromagnetic and requires the magnetic Earth to maintain sanity. The quote by Aborigine “Narritjin Maymuru Yirkala” says it best, “We belong to the ground. It is our power and we must stay close to it or maybe we will get lost.” Thus, the biopsychic grounding in Nature is an open-ended connection like an umbilicus forming a living bridge between the sacred Earth beneath us and the Kosmic realm above us. The human electric body or etheric nervous system requires an interface with Nature, i.e. grounding in order to anchor creative life force energies to produce masterful alignment or congruency between what we think, feel, say and do as integral co-creators, otherwise we are easily manipulated into cognitive dissonance. See my Grounding Synthesis exercise, “Ground, Center, Expand” (Battaglia©2012). http://integrallifewellness.com/ConsciousLiving/EnergyHealth.htm#groundsynth

Meditative interfacing with the Earth’s grid reconnects instinctual human survival skills to include our conscious use of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is the basic force in the universe that nutriments the biological body with increased immunity through Natures health giving life flows and develops a moral sense through a conscious re-alignment with the primordial Wisdom of the environment via observation and teachings of Nature as a touchstone for truth. The language of Nature is non-verbal and sensory. Subsequently, humanity is empathically rooted in Nature at birth and all the sensory faculties are in tact and only require conscious development. However, disconnect cuts off the natural sense faculties, which reroute or deviate into synthetic sensory pathways and virtual realities not organic to the mind of Nature. Allowing Earth to teach, to open the sense faculties, and authentically engage us with natural life forms fortifies the reciprocal link between body-mind, heart, and Nature. This link offers a consensual relationship that gives us permission to feel when we have been seduced to live the synthetic existence of a linear five-sense reality with its mechanical creations. Be mindful that a total disconnect is not without some form of suffering, as dis-eased states call to our attention a lack of alignment with the forces in Nature.

In colossal ways humanity has strayed from Nature, however, actively developing our inner nature’s sensory language through the Nature’s System Thinking Process (NSTP) webstring attraction model evolves the sense faculties, grounds the somatic body, and heightens and expands perceptions in the psyche for whole-self wellbeing. The body and psyche transform when “consciously activated” in communion with Nature and grounded into Earth’s electromagnetic energies. We liberate from the faulty patterns of conditioning that produce fear, confusion, and doubt. Aligned with Natures wisdom we make the necessary corrections to restore the “Rights to Nature” in ourselves as extensions of the natural world.

For instance, we can communicate with the atmospheric body of the Earth via microtubular conduits or electromagnetic tethers that wind endlessly into hyperspace. Paracelsus called these conduits “iliastri” – threads of star matter, which are encoded with kosmic DNA. These strands of bio-spiritual information anchor life more deeply into the somatic body and Soul. The soul connects to the Earth and when we connect with our soul through immersion in Nature, the soul overrides the Archontic ego implant that separates soul and spirit from its Source and origins in reality.

When communing with Nature, the ego dissolves, enabling us to sense these information strands or webstrings that emanate outward from all living forces and transfer information to help delegate the procession of Nature’s living frequencies with greater precision at both the subtle and physical levels. Following is an easy way to experience the joy, serenity and clarity that Nature connection offers using my simple Grounding Synthesis exercise, “Ground, Center, Expand” (Battaglia©2012) that promotes whole self wellbeing by bridging gaps in consciousness and clears the bio-etheric body of static energies through Earth’s electro-magnetism.

The natural feeling function between humanity and Nature expands as the hundreds of receptors on the body registered as felt senses assimilate the frequencies of energy flows that cohere negative energies, amplify awareness, and increase empathic sensitivities within the Self and the living environment.


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